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Join volunteer Harvey for a live question and answer session tomorrow

Education volunteer Harvey George will be answering your questions live from Rwanda, at 1pm (UK time), tomorrow - 5 December.

Do you have any questions? Write them in the comments section below and Harvey will answer as soon as he is online.

#IVD2016 #VolunteerDay #IVD
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Volunteering overseas is one of the most rewarding things you can do. It will change the way you see the world.

Here are just a few ways it can leave its mark...

#IVD #IVD2016 #VolunteerDay

20 ways volunteering overseas will change you

12/02/2016 at 11:44. Facebook
Parents trying out tech their kids are using to learn in #Malawi - and getting just as engaged by it! Several have now volunteered to help out and keep the learning centre open for longer every day.

Check out our #teaching roles on our Unlocking Talent Through Technology project: [ Bit.ly Link ]
12/01/2016 at 11:57. Facebook
Celina was diagnosed with HIV at 18. She now runs a group supporting others living with HIV and AIDS - caring, counselling, giving advice and information. She's our inspiration this #WorldAIDSDay
11/30/2016 at 13:01. Facebook
The day before #WorldAidsDay we look at healthcare in the prison systems of Southern Africa - and how they could be becoming incubators for diseases like HIV.

Are prisons the missing link to ending the spread of HIV?

11/29/2016 at 11:31. Facebook
A newborn baby dies every 34 seconds due to illness or birth complications. If you do anything this #GivingTuesday, help support us to provide the vital care and equipment babies need to take their #FirstBreath. Donate here: [ Goo.gl Link ]
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Lovely picture of volunteer Patricia Doyle with seven-month-old baby Eldana and mother Abaynesh at Nigist Eleni Mohammed Memorial Hospital in Hosanna, Ethiopia. Taken in 2014.

Patricia will be speaking at our carol concert next week. You can find out more about the concert and book tickets here: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Photo: Ginny Lattul
11/28/2016 at 14:07. Facebook
"Break the silence. End the violence"

International Citizen Service (ICS) volunteers march to raise awareness of gender-based violence, Abuja, Nigeria.

#16Days #VAW

Photos by Greg Okonofua
11/27/2016 at 10:46. Facebook
In Sierra Leone, as in many countries, domestic violence tends to be seen as a 'private issue'. This and other types of violence including rape and sexual assault go under-reported.

#16Days #EndVAW

Justice for women who face violence in Sierra Leone

11/26/2016. Facebook
In Nepal we're marching against gender-based violence. Yesterday, VSO Nepal joined together with civil society and the government of Nepal to mark the Day for the Eradication of Violence Against Women.

#16days #orangetheworld
11/25/2016. Facebook
Please SHARE these women's stories.

Help raise awareness and join the people around the world calling for an end to violence against women.

#16DaysOfActivism #EndVAW

Women from around the world share their experiences of gender-based violence

11/24/2016. Facebook
Volunteer Doctor Aisling Walsh with Esther Babirye's two week old baby, at Gulu Regional Referral Hospital, Uganda.

Read Aisling's story: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Photo: Ginny Lattul
11/23/2016. Facebook
Thanks so much everyone for sharing all your incredible baby photos - they are beautiful.

Add yours with #firstbreath to support our campaign, giving babies the vital care and equipment they need to take that first breaths.

Share a baby photo to support VSO #firstbreath

11/22/2016. Facebook
Urgently looking for doctors to go out to Sierra Leone to strengthen health services and train staff - please share.


Doctors needed - Sierra Leone

11/21/2016. Facebook

"It’s such a simple test but it probably saved this little baby boy’s life."

Our third instalment from volunteer nurse, Gerieke, at Gulu Regional Referral Hospital, Uganda [ Bit.ly Link ]

11/20/2016. Facebook
Racheal lost four of her babies at birth. She was terrified when she was pregnant with her fifth child that this too would end in tragedy.

But thanks to the midwives at Gulu Regional Referral Hospital in Uganda with support from volunteer doctor Aisling Walsh, Racheal took home a healthy baby boy.

Joy for mother Racheal

11/19/2016. Facebook
Beautiful picture of new mother Janet with her baby boy.

Janet's baby boy was born prematurely.He had a very low birth weight as well as breathing and stomach complications. Thanks to the nurses at Gulu Regional Referral Hospital, with the support of volunteer Gerieke Zandberg, Janet was able to bring her tiny baby home.

Janet lives near Gulu in northern Uganda

Photo: Peter Caton
11/18/2016. Facebook
Midwife and nurse Sandra has had a lifelong passion to help mothers and babies.

Read her story.

It was my dream to be a nurse and it is my wish that we could train more people to handle newborns

11/17/2016. Facebook
Janet’s son was born two months early. Thanks to the work of nurses at Gulu Regional Referral Hospital, he survived and Janet has recently been able to take him back home.


Thanks to trained nurses my premature baby survived

11/17/2016. Facebook
On World Philosophy Day, some of our volunteers share their words of wisdom


We asked 12 volunteers to share their words of wisdom - here is what they said