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Reality is returning with a vengeance. Take a trip back to your summer hols with a Wakaliscious #WakaCone & pretend you're still on holiday.
When a black cat crosses your path on Friday the 13th the only thing you can do is hurry to Wakaberry! Nothing bad can happen to you there! #Friday13th
Grab your wellies & splash your way down to your fav Wakaberry froyo bar! #StepInAPuddleAndSlpashYourFriendsDay
Celebrate all the peculiar people in your life by spoiling them with their fav froyo flavour #PeculiarPeopleDay
Tantalize your taste buds with a tray of awesomeness! #WakaTotsTray
What's better than a lazy lie-in during the last few days of holiday? That’s easy, a #WakaCone with #Wakaliscious toppings!
When life hands you lemons you should put those lemons down & order a #WakaBlitz. They make everything better!
Hands up: who went out celebrating New Years last night? We'd like to wish you all a very happy New Year!
We hope your New Years resolution includes "Eat more froyo" #HappyNewYear
Why don't we let our hair down as we bid 2016 a fond farewell & enjoy a #WakaTots tray!
It's official! We are in the last week of 2016! Let's make this week count!
We hope you're having a relaxing & peaceful day with your family #SeasonsGreetings
Whether you're your families Grinch or December 25th's biggest fan, you can always treat yourself to a frosty froyo.
Even when you're on holiday you still need to catch a #WakaWakeUp!
Did you know that today is the 353rd day of the year? What froyo flavour should go with such an auspicious day? #WakaMixMonday
With Summer holidays right round the corner get yourself into the summer mindset with a #WakaCone!
Sun, sand & a #WakaCone is all we need! How are your summer holidays going?
It's a day invented just for us! Happy Chocolate covered ANYTHING day! #ChocolateCoveredAnythinDay
We're all going on a summer holiday! No more working for a week or two! If you're travelling to friends & family we wish you a safe and pleasant journey.
There's only 2 Monday's left in 2016! Let's make them count. Enjoy a #Wakaliscious #WakaMixMonday!