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With our fresh veggies in hand, we challenged Listen to Lena to create a healthy recipe for this new year. Check out this roasted cauliflower with turmeric. Delicious! [ Link ]
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A fun crafting project to give a try over the Family Day weekend. All you need are a few simple supplies for a few dollars! [ Link ]
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"Pre-made" can sometimes mean more expensive. So why not try making this cereal snack mix from scratch. Homemade tends to taste better (and helps you save money)! Try mixing your favorite cereal with sweet and salty snacks for a mix full of flavour.
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The colder season comes with its fair share of challenges: coughs, chest colds and stomach bugs! Set yourself up with an affordable survival kit of all the necessities. Take that, winter! [ Link ]
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We love to have fun with Great Value pizzas. Go beyond the simple pie-wedge slices and cut your pizza into a basketball. #WeLoveGreatValue

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We love to have fun with Great Value pizzas. This Family Day, play with your food. #WeLoveGreatValue

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Swap out sugary cereals with a yogurt parfait using our Great Value granola. It's a quick breakfast solution that's also easy on your budget.
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Refresh your skin and your look this winter with some of our beauty essentials! We armed MomsMakeupStash with some products and she loved the results. We bet you will too! [ Link ]
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Why go out for a fancy brunch, when your kitchen is your ticket to "heart" pancakes. These were made with Great Value pancake mix and red beets! A sweet way to say I love you to your little ones this Valentine's Day. [ Link ]
Margherita pizza can be a romantic dinner for two this Valentine's Day when you bake a heart-shaped dough. No need to spend a fortune to win over their heart (and tummy) with this recipe. [ Link ]
This may be the best thing that's happened to us this week: A DIY bread pudding bar. Start inviting friends over immediately. They're going to want to get in on this!
No-bake Valentine's Day treats - like these cheesecake jars! - for the ones you love. The effort will make their hearts smile. [ Link ]
The best way to celebrate Valentine's Day? Breakfast in bed with cups made to make you and yours smile! [ Link ]
Did you know avocados are rich in vitamins and antioxidants? They're perfect for an at-home (and natural!) face mask. Try it out, and forget those expensive store-bought varieties. [ Link ]
Add some extra zing to your mac & cheese with hot sauce or ranch. A fast (and super affordable) dish when the kids are asking for it.
Is your new year resolution to take better care of yourself? Start by trying Equate Women's Formula Multivitamin & Mineral Supplement. Amidst The Chaos
There's no need to spend a fortune to win over their heart (and tummy) this Valentine's Day! Bake up a homemade pizza pie with this (gluten-free) recipe. [ Link ]
It's the most wonderful time of the year: GAME DAY! How about DIY pulled pork bar for your guests? We call this an affordable luxury. Find everything you need to make it at your local Walmart Supercentre.