Lilo & Stitch was released 15 years ago today. To celebrate, we are sharing this gallery of original production artwork - including visual development art, animation drawings, and story sketches - from the collection at the Disney Animation Research Library!
Lilo Stitch was released 15 years ago today To celebrate we are
Michael Howe
Angela Ewing
Nichole Ferello
Animators utilized the Academy Sci-Tech award-winning Meander animation tool, created at Disney Animation and originally used on the short films “Paperman” and “Feast,” to provide hand-drawn draw-over notes for Moana that emphasize hair and cloth performance and appeal for technical animation. #TechTuesday
Jesselyn Clapp
Sam Amuse
Tom Holmes
In celebration of #FathersDay, watch as Walt and his daughter Diane share their love for the story of Bambi. See the full bonus piece when you bring home Bambi on Digital HD, Disney Movies Anywhere and Blu-ray™ today: [ Link ]
Delgado Anna
Zac Lorne Svedberg
Ricky Halloran
The story and characters you love come to life in the live action adaption of Disney’s animated classic Beauty and the Beast. Now on Blu-ray, Digital HD, & Disney Movies Anywhere.
Ashley Beal
Chris Cherry
Mario Zausa
Original Bambi artwork from the 1942 production, photographed with the help of the team at the Disney Animation Research Library, who work to conserve and protect the artistic heritage of Walt Disney Animation Studios, including millions of original animation drawings, background paintings, maquettes, concept art, and more. Celebrate the rich legacy of Bambi, with the Anniversary Edition,...
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Original Bambi artwork from the 1942 production photographed with the help of
Ryan Sheehan
Samal Rajkumar Animesh
Meg Simon
Filmmakers consulted with snow experts to ensure visual authenticity in Frozen. Dr. Ken Libbrecht from Cal Tech was called on to share his vast knowledge about snowflakes and how they grow. Libbrecht, who actually grows snowflakes in a controlled environment and documents the phases of growth on video, explained how humidity and other conditions affect the process of “branching and plating,”...
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Samal Rajkumar Animesh
Gregory Mestlin
Anna Ashley Holden
The trailer for Olaf's Frozen Adventure is here! The all-new featurette will open in US theatres in front of Disney/Pixar's Coco beginning November 22.
Ned Grabiec
Ainsley Lederfind
Ahmad Ilham Ahmad Bhari
Happy Best Friends Day from Bambi! Celebrate the gift of friendship by sharing this with your best friend!
Happy Best Friends Day from Bambi Celebrate the gift of friendship by
Paula Bartolini Meza
Jacqui Phoebe Cole
Kristien Slangen
Bonita Apps-Watts
Lynda Daley
Karlie Fulton
For 5 years before Moana’s release, filmmakers sought to learn from the people and places of Oceania. On #WorldOceansDay, meet Fijian navigator Jiujiua “Angel” Bera in A Look Inside Moana:
Christopher Wilson
Fares Jabaly
Will Xtinger
In celebration of Drawing Day, we asked you to create fan art inspired by the film! See some of our favorites here!

Bambi is available on Blu-ray, Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere: [ Link ]
Walt Disney Animation Studios 06/08/2017
Drew Graham
Kraken Titan
Cory Powers
The Technology team created software which allowed instancing of MILLIONS of trees over existing geometry in this test for Zootopia. The software can also be used to procedurally generate curves, which was key for rendering fur in the film. #TechTuesday
Russell Williams
Russell Williams
Rob Clarke
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Holly Burns
Brian Martin
David Wagner
In celebration of #WorldEnvironmentDay, watch how Disney animators brought Bambi characters and nature to life! See the full bonus piece when you bring home Bambi on Digital HD & Disney Movies Anywhere today: [ Link ]
Tuan Banh
Annalisa Di Salvo
Kellie Fay
Trudy L Dawson
Tammy Brown
Jeremy Sheer
Oh, deer! Watch Bambi go from sketch to screen in this sweet #TBT. Bring home the Bambi Anniversary Edition on Digital HD & Disney Movies Anywhere today, and Blu-ray June 6.
Michelle Baker McCormick
Kris Marc Adams
Maria Martellucci
Find out how art and technology collaborated to create the water in Moana:

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Find out how art and technology collaborated to create the water in Moana:

The Algorithms Behind Moana’s Gorgeously Animated Ocean
Sean Morgan
Holly Hammond
Bob Terrell
In Moana, Maui’s tattoo acts as his conscience – “Mini Maui” is Jiminy Cricket with attitude. To bring him to life, animators drew the character with pencil lines, and then the colors were inverted to make him blend in with Maui's tattoos. #WednesdayWisdom
Erich Fiedler
Jill Evers
Calum Morrison
Meander, 2017 Academy Sci-Tech Award winner, is a hybrid vector/raster animation system developed by Brian Whited at Walt Disney Animation Studios, and first used by artists to create the line and paint work for the short film, Paperman. Meander contains a variety of tools which allow strokes to be manipulated by the artist until the desired result is achieved, including time-saving features...
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Michael Strong
Suren Oganessian
Lavorel Jérémy
Early "Moana Meets the Ocean" pencil animation test by Eric Goldberg. “It was my honor and delight to be one of the first artists to explore giving the ocean a personality, and how toddler Moana related to it. Chris Williams' storyboards were an inspiration.” #TBT
Cory Gross
Meg Steckler
Justin Robertson