Examples of 8-bit stylized fire that were created for Fix-It Felix's apartment in Wreck-It Ralph. Disney Effects Animator Thom Wickes used keyframed animation and procedural modeling methods to give the fire its unique look and motion. #TechTuesday
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Bambi, the classic movie for the child in all of us, joins the Walt Disney Signature Collection! Get the 75th Anniversary Edition on Digital HD TODAY: [ Di.sn Link ]
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45 years ago, U. of Utah grad student Ed Catmull (now president of Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios) revolutionized art and technology with his short, “A Computer Animated Hand,” combining his lifelong love of animation and passion for science. The film was later added to the National Film Registry of the US Library of Congress. #WednesdayWisdom
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A flurry of Drawing Day fun! Watch Oscar-winning Frozen director Chris Buck bring Olaf to life! ⛄
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You’ll be a happy snowman when you watch Oscar-winning director Chris Buck sketch Olaf, live on Frozen Facebook at 2:45 p.m. PST for Drawing Day!
Youll be a happy snowman when you watch Oscarwinning director Chris Buck
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In celebration of Drawing Day, submit your own fan art using #DrawBambi for a chance to be featured on Walt Disney Animation Studios!

By using #DrawBambi, you agree to Disney’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and acknowledge that your drawing, account photo, and account name may be used by Walt Disney Animation Studios and its affiliates in all media (including but not limited to Facebook,...
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Walt Disney Animation Studios
Walt Disney Animation Studios
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75 years ago, the artists of Disney Animation created the classic 'Bambi,' featuring a forest full of lovable creatures...minus one grasshopper.
75 years ago the artists of Disney Animation created the classic Bambi

'Bambi' at 75: Why Disney exterminated the movie's cranky grasshopper

Sean Lloyd
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Sean Lloyd
Happy Mother's Day from all of us at Walt Disney Animation Studios!
Happy Mother's Day from all of us at Walt Disney Animation Studios
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There's magic in the air! ✨ See new work from Disney Animation's Mark Henn, Eric Goldberg, and Randy Haycock in Walt Disney World's Happily Ever After spectacular on May 12.
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The "Summer in Zootopia" 23-color, limited-edition serigraph by Zootopia co-director Byron Howard is now available at Cyclops Print Works! Get yours now: cyclopsprintworks.com
The Summer in Zootopia 23color limitededition serigraph by Zootopia codirector B
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Moana is the first ever animated feature to be dubbed in Tahitian, and held its premiere celebration in Tahiti over the weekend. Enjoy this clip from "Where You Are" (Reo Tahiti):
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The classic movie for the child in all of us joins the Walt Disney Signature Collection! The Bambi Anniversary Edition comes to Digital HD & Disney Movies Anywhere May 22, and Blu-ray June 6: [ Di.sn Link ]
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#TechTuesday: behind-the-scenes breakdown of the many layers of effects animation - including smoke, fire, lava, lightning, and water - in a single shot of Te Kā in Moana.
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Walt Disney Animation Studios Artist Showcase presents "From the Desk of Benson Shum," a look at Disney animator Benson Shum, and his new children's book, "Holly's Day at the Pool"
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Frozen 2 is coming to theatres November 27, 2019.
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#TechTuesday - The Moana technical team spent almost a year developing an automated boat wake system for the film! First, the animated boat is placed on a layout water surface, then the surface is smoothed to create space for simulated water, water is then simulated in the vicinity of the boat, and then blended with the rest of the ocean, with the final render including the water's foam and...
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