Walt Disney Studios
Walt Disney Studios
06/27/2017 at 16:00. Facebook
See what happened when our #RoadTripRivals Yiannimize and Oli White joined us for an epic US road trip from Route 66 to Pixar Animation Studios to record their cameos in #Cars3! Watch more of the action here – bit.ly/2tgrSqn
Nnac Yaj
Only three more weeks until lightning strikes #Cars3
Catherine McLernon
Tracy Curnow
Emma James
Hi-tech , sleek and ready to race, Lighting McQueen better watch his back! #Cars3
Claire Rachel
To all the brave, incredible and goofy Dads out there, Happy Father's Day!
Maria-Anna Biard
Victoria Ratcliffe
Martin Law
Start your engines this July as the legend Lighting McQueen returns #Cars3
William Fairchild
Simon Perry
Leticia Tudoroiu
Need a boost in horsepower? Calling the #1 trainer to all the racing stars, Cruz Ramirez!
William Fairchild
Christina Tini Bolsher
One month until the main event! #Cars3
Tina Roberts
Kate-May Eyre
Kim Roberts
Out with the old and in with the new... #Cars3
William Fairchild
Sophie Clark
Danni Clark
The brand new Disney Pixar Coco poster is here!
The brand new Disney Pixar Coco poster is here
Emma Waugh
Kim Lumsdon
Lauren Cormack
You best start believing...
Thomas Manzur
Mark Uphill
Jennie Carter
How can Jack escape this one?! Find out in #SalazarsRevenge, now in cinemas!
Natalie Howard
Matthew Oliver Gibbins
William Mcneillie
We quiz the latest stars of #PiratesoftheCaribbean on how well they know one another. See what secrets were shared here!
Joanne Turner
Nicola Cole
Fflur Harman
Stay out of the water Jack Sparrow...
Char Daglish
Linnea Barnhart
Jamal Thomas
Pirates of the Caribbean #SalazarsRevenge has arrived... and closer to UK shores than expected...!
Pirates of the Caribbean SalazarsRevenge has arrived and closer to UK shores than expected
Dave Randviir
Ryan Anthony Mooresky
Thev Fitnesspt
Think you know your Grogg from your hornswaggle? Put your skills to the test and play along with the cast of #PiratesoftheCaribbean
Alicia Ramirez Stephenson
Megan Glasgow
Pat Buckler
Jump in to the world of pirates this Bank Holiday Monday!
Chris Bailey
Ryan 'Aky' Atkinson
Angela Jones
No pants, no ship and no crew…surely this can’t be THE Captain Jack Sparrow?!
Lotte Yates
Lee Morris
William Fairchild
Run whilst you can Jack... you will soon pay for what you did! see #SalazarsRevenge today!
Michael Higgins
Fiona Fisk
Luke Ramsay
Captain Salazar is coming for you Jack...
Sheena Hughes
Jamie Welton
Shanell Stansbury