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The Gaunt ring shows an obvious connection to one Hogwarts house...

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The Thestrals needed to be reconstructed throughout the films, so they could be large enough to accomodate two riders each!
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Designer Jany Temime wanted Horace Slughorn's costume to look "very rich, but also very used, because he hasn't worked for a long time." They burned through the fibers of his clothes to make them look worn, and even washed them in a powdery solution to resemble years of dust!
Make-up artists applied Harry's scar nearly 6,000 times in the making of the #HarryPotter film series!
Professor Snape was the only Hogwarts professor whose costume stayed the same through the entire film series.
We're at the Hogwarts Castle Model for a live look at #HogwartsInTheSnow!
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Wishing a very pink and orderly birthday to actress Imelda Staunton, who portrayed Dolores Umbridge on-screen!
During the course of the eight films, the crew constructed 588 individual sets for the Harry Potter film series!
The Time-Turner was Emma Watson's favourite prop. Post yours in the comments! #WBTourLondon
The floor in the Great Hall is made of real York stone, strong enough to support hundreds of actors and crew!
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"You may not like him, Minister, but you can't deny Dumbledore's got style."

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Some of Hagrid's sets, costumes, and props came in two different sizes to make him appear Half-Giant sized!