Happy Birthday to actress Julie Walters, who gave us a warm, caring Mrs. Weasley who wasn't to be trifled with. In Ron's memorable Howler scene, she showed us the full wrath of an angry mum - using only her voice!
How do you talk to a creature you can't see? Since Dobby was a predominantly CGI character, actors had to recite their lines to a tennis ball on a stick! We're revealing more hidden house-elf secrets at #DirectingDobby: .
The smallest set created for any of the films was Harry's cupboard under the stairs! Look out for it in the lobby of #WBTourLondon!
"It's a pensieve. Very useful if, like me, you find your mind a wee bit stretched."

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The creature effects team know how to make your hair stand on end! Come face to face with Aragog in the Forbidden Forest, from 31st March!
"I mark the hours every one, nor have I yet outrun the sun" is inscribed on the outside ring of the Time-Turner. Can anyone remember the inscription on the inside?
"Not to be rude or anything, but this isn't a great time for me to have a house-elf in my bedroom."

We've re-opened the door to Number Four, Privet Drive for #DirectingDobby!
Things look may look rosy this time of year, but the colour pink can have a dark side! Report to Umbridge's office for proof!
"All of these creatures that we create in the computer have to be believable. You have to believe they have a soul." - Visual Effects Supervisor Tim Burke, on the CGI effects behind Dobby the house-elf

How did they do it? Visit during #DirectingDobby to find out!
See where the magic is made. Step into the Great Hall and we'll take you behind the scenes of Hogwarts!
A match made in Hogwarts! We're celebrating an enchanting night tonight at #ValentinesInTheGreatHall!
The construction team are hard at work creating a set that breaks the mould! The Forbidden Forest opens 31st March, to book your ticket visit:
As part of our #DirectingDobby feature, we've reopened the door to the number four, Privet Drive set! Look closely and you just might spot our favourite house-elf in the window!
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For #DirectingDobby, a full-sized model of Dobby used during filming is on display so that you can view him up close! Every intricate detail on the model was hand-painted, right down to the veins in his eyes!
Happy birthday to Arthur Weasley!

What's your favourite Weasley prop at #WBTourLondon? Show off your photos in the comments!
Happy birthday to Arthur Weasley!

What's your favourite Weasley prop at #WBTourLondon? Show off your photos in the comments!
Do you solemnly swear that you're up to no good? Then you're ready to experience the filmmaking magic of Harry Potter!
"Dobby is a free elf and Dobby has come to save Harry Potter and his friends!"

From his batlike ears to his scrawny limbs, a lot of work went into creating the beloved house-elf. Starting today, join us for #DirectingDobby and learn how he came to life on-screen!
Some of the chess pieces in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone were twelve feet high and their movements were radio-controlled! Look out for them as you arrive at the Studio Tour!