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No one loves double identities as much as #OliverQueen.
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That's what The Mentalist does. Let him teach you how.

Today on Warner TV - 8:10pm (SIN/MAL); 7:10pm (JKT); 4pm (PHI).
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"What do you like being up here?" "Silence."
Head spinning? It's (anti)-Gravity time on WarnerTV tonight at 8:10pm (SIN/MAL); 7:10pm (JKT); 8:10pm (PHI).
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Dancing back to the home cinemas. Jackie Chan & Chris Tucker are up for RUSH HOUR 3 - tonight at 9pm (SIN/MAL); 8pm (JKT); 9pm (PHI)!
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Erm…so cockroaches can talk? And sing? And also have cable? So we're cool?
Sit in - it's movie time on Warner TV - and today it's the classy musical, Joe's Apartment tonight 9pm (SIN/MAL); 8pm (JKT); 9pm (PHI).
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Don't disturb me!

It's my Friday night with The Big Bang Theory.
Tonight at 8.35pm (SIN/MAL/PHI); 7.35pm (JKT)!
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Catch this sneak peek of tonight’s finale. What does your gut tell you?

Mine urges me not to miss tonight’s #Finale at 9:50(SIN/MAL); 8:50(JKT); 8:10(PHI)!
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Cover your ears. It's gonna blow your mind.
New episodes of Arrow every Thursday at 9pm (SIN/MAL/PHI); 8pm (JKT). And they're on tonight!
Every hero's gotta snap one of these before they start saving the world.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow tonight and every Wednesday 9pm (SIN/MAL/PHI); 8pm (JKT).
Hello Gotham City.
Who's voice is that? Who is Back? Find out at 9pm (SIN/MAL/PHI); 8pm (JKT)!
Weeknights…time for some The Big Bang Theory. Uh-huh. ;-)
Tonight on Warner TV - 7:20PM (6:20PM JKT)!
You've got me! The fight's getting serious. Take your popcorn and it's RUSH HOUR 2 time - Saturday 9PM (8PM JKT).
The Hangover Part II - they're at it again?

Bring your own drinks and tune in on Warner TV at 9PM (8PM JKT) - for a second bachelor party night.
Nawwww, not with us on Friday night? Where are you going?

The Big Bang Theory - tonight 8:35PM (7:35PM JKT) on WarnerTV Asia
Grab your friends to watch Lethal Weapon be like…

It hurts so much more if you miss it tonight at 9:50PM (SIN/MAL); 8:50PM (JKT); 8:10PM (PHI)!
Murtaugh must be the too-full-guy.

Can't get enough of Lethal Weapon...catch tonight's episode at
9:50PM SIN/MAL, 8:50PM JKT, 8:10PM PHI on Warner TV!
Time flies and it's almost time to say goodbye…let's Cheers to #broments.

Lethal Weapons tonight on WarnerTV Asia at 9:50PM (8:50PM JKT, 8:10PM PHI)!
AHHHHHH tomorrow is the finale of Lethal Weapon?

Don't let those #broments end. Join them tomorrow night - WarnerTV Asia at 9:50PM (8:50PM JKT, 8:10PM PHI)!
Legion of Doom?
Yes? No.
The legiondary heroes are out to plan for something tonight on 9PM (8PM JKT) on WarnerTV Asia!
Who said you couldn't box when you're retirement age?

It's #GrudgeMatch for Kid and Razor - time for revenge.

9pm tonight!