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It's the #Gotham time. Don't be all grey! :)
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#SneakPeek outside the LA Warner Bro Studios
Mayim Bialik (The Big Bang Theory Amy) just got the special Batman treatment…awe I'm so jelly!

Read now on [ On.mash.to Link ]

Your favorite Warner Bros. shows are getting the 'Lego Batman' treatment

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Tonight we're BLENDED! Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler…get stuck at a resort for families. Do bad dates turn into love afterall?

Let's find out ;-)

9pm on #WarnerTV. See you tonight!
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Meet the Millers - Drug-dealer Dad found the stripper

Mom, runaway teen and virgin boy-next-door.

How fake's the fam? Meet them tonight at 9pm (8pm JKT) on #WarnerTV!
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Batman is awesome but Lego Batman is the awesomest!

#LegoBatman's taking over #WarnerTV.

Catch him now. In Cinemas!
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I get it. #Batman loves to sit in everyone's living rooms.

Join him on the sofa - it's The Big Bang Theory at 8.35pm!
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Happy Birthday to DC's Legends of Tomorrow Heat Wave - Dominic Purcell!

Wishing you a hot birthday! Leave your birthday wishes for him below!
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Shoot! It's The Arrow! Back on TV tonight!

#SameDayAsTheUS on Thursdays 9pm (8pm JKT)!
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Well done, bro.

Now let's watch #LethalWeapon together tonight - thursdays 9.50pm (8.50 JKT).

#broments #bromancetime
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Aw, isn't that sweet? Happy Valentine's Day!

Tonight - no matter if you're single or taken - catch 'Valentine's Day' at 9pm (8pm JKT)!
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I've always wanted to ask this question.
Who's your favorite #BigBangTheory 'significant other' couple?
The Big Bang Theory
The Dark Knight Rises (it's #CinemaWeekend tonight.)

Which would you pick - Batman the Superhero, or Christian Bale & Anne Hathaway's Chemistry?

Let's listen to your thoughts.
Happy birthday to our ol' school Drama Queen!

It's Jennifer Aniston's birthday today!

Say your greetings in the comments.
Love Valentines? Or Hate It?

Don't run away from your love.

Watch #ValentinesDay on Tuesday 14 Feb, 9pm!
Season 2 of #Blindspot is finally here! Take this action thriller - the FBI team is drawn into high-stakes underworld.
Catch them now?

Thursdays 10.40PM (9.40PM JKT)
#LethalWeapon SEASON 1! It's finally here on #WarnerTV! #SameDayAsTheUS

Thursday 9.50pm (8.50pm JKT)!
#Cheers to Monday nights! (The longest night of the week.) Tune in to #TheBigBang Theory at 7.20pm! They've gotten pretty spontaneous...what's the big secret tonight? Don't miss out!
Ever wondered how the Flash runs so fast?

The Creator explains it all.

Why The Flash Can Run So Fast, According To The Creator - CINEMABLEND

Ready for CINEMA MARATHONS every weekend in FEBRUARY!
Let's mark our dates with the sofa to catch up on all these awesome movies!
9pm (8pm JKT) on Saturdays and Sundays on WarnerTV!
#WarnerTVAsia #February #MovieMonth
Have an 'Easy Peasy Oh So Breezy' day with The Big Bang Theory Season 10, NEW episodes every Friday 8.35PM (7.35PM JKT!)