Be yourself, ain't nobody can be you but YOU
What hurdles What Obstacles What roadblock nothing will stand in the way forward is the plan
Wah nuh dead nuh dash it Weh #SameWaySuhMiGrannyTellMe
Gotta get ready for more than the hurricane #GymDuringTheHurricane #WhoDoesThat
Gym during the a hurricane who does that
Gym vs Hurricane Matthew
Training just called and said "get your ass to the gym"
Courage, above all things, is the first quality of a warrior.
Blurry video but I putting in work tho
Here today gone tomorrow, soyour opinion.
Morning vibes
Yet I rise #ReturnToLondon2017
Congrats to each and every member of the 2016 Olympics team brilliant performance in all events and sports and to the supporters keep supporting your people and also encourage the young ones to believe in their dream.