Waste Into Worth
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Throwing away your waste may seem like a small thing. Here is how plastic waste is not only polluting the environment but also harming marine life.

Plastic island: How our trash is destroying paradise

Waste Into Worth
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By formalising waste streams, South African households have the potential to increase income up to 0.6%.

SA’s waste ‘could boost GDP by 0.5%’

Waste Into Worth
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Since inception, REDISA has been able to collect waste tyres, fund the development of recycling industries, and develop small businesses across the supply chain.

The REDISA Story: KwaZulu Natal Province

Since inception REDISA has been able to clean the environment of tyre waste, fund the development of recycling industries, and develop small businesses acros...

Waste Into Worth
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With the SA economy continuously being threatened with a downgrade, how can formalising waste streams give the economy a much needed boost?

Use waste to stimulate South Africa's economic growth

Waste Into Worth
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The waste management fee has enabled REDISA to create and support the tyre recycling industry. This is why the waste management fee should remain ring-fenced.

To ring fence or not to ring fence?

Through the creation and support of SMMEs, REDISA has helped create job opportunities which contribute to reducing the unemployment in South Africa.

REDISA supporting SMME growth

REDISA has implemented a waste tyre management plan that is the first of its kind in the world. The REDISA Plan successfully resolves the waste tyre problem through the introduction of a circular economy approach.

The REDISA circular economy

In September 2016, REDISA had the opportunity to show the Department of Environmental Affairs the full circular economy process at work. Explore with us the ...

Research from UCT has shown the positive economic impact can be achieved by formalising waste streams.

Economic benefits of extended producer responsibility initiatives in South Africa | Energy Research Centre

Need ideas on how to entertain your little ones during the holidays? Here are five easy projects that the whole family can get involved in. [ Bit.ly Link ]
As the holidays come to an end for some, here are tips to ensure a safe trip back home.
Small businesses and micro collectors have helped REDISA collect over 200 000 tonnes of waste tyres.
Here is a look at the key milestones REDISA has achieved since inception.
Unlike the plastic bag tax, the waste management fee is ring fenced and used to deal with waste tyres in a way that is auditable and transparent. Take a look to learn more about the difference between a tax and a waste management fee.
If you have any queries during the festive season please note that there will be a delay in response due to the festive season closure.
Kgosi Ntono, manager at the Bloemfontein REDISA depot, is proof that lives can change when companies invest in skills development and mentorship.

Mentorship is key to driving entrepreneurship - aBr Buzz - South Africa's leading automotive aftermarket magazine

With the festive season drawing near and the large volumes of traffic expected on the roads during this period, here are some tyre tips to help you stay safe during your travels.
Here are five easy steps on how to turn your waste into worth this festive season.


The hospitality industry is often viewed as being wasteful. Cape Verde Hotel and Tsogo Sun are proving how the industry has implemented activities which ensure sustainability.

How the hospitality sector is making a difference – Circular Economies

Earlier this week REDISA was involved in the Western Cape Road Safety campaign launch. The campaign aims to encourage road users to practice good road safety habits.