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See San Francisco like never before, #WatchDogs2 is out now on PC!
Can you escape a FIVE star police rating on a Go Kart?

Watch Dogs 2 is out now on PS4 and Xbox One.
The Watch Dogs 2 collection is available now at
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The Jury and Ubisoft are proud to announce the Grand Jury Prize and Coup de Coeur for the Watch_Dogs Film Fest.
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The game is nearly over.
Last chance to share your take on Hacking Heroes.
Will you make the shortlist?
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One jury. 11 faces. 22 eyes to convince.
Participate now ▶ [ Ubi.li Link ]
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Create your video on Snapchat.
Share it on bit.ly/WDFilmFest.
Win 50.000€.
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It’s never too late to participate.
Upload your creation... Before the fuse reaches its end.
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Want to score a Parrot Jumping Race? To be eligible, vote for your favourite video to decide the winner.
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Your film must last from 5 seconds to 5 minutes, neither more nor less.
< Rule #2 - See them all on http://ubi.li/g9geh>
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Make sure a smartphone is used in your movie ... one way or another.
< Rule #1 - See them all on ubi.li/cmqf4 .>
Come and experience Watch Dogs 2 at PAX Australia this weekend in Melbourne!

Take advantage of our #PAXAus2016 discount code. Use promo code PAXAUS2016 to get 10% off Watch Dogs 2 and other titles at [ Store.ubi.com Link ]
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Raise your voice with the Public Vote Prize!
Your favorite film might already be on ubi.li/cmqf4 .
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