Water Kingdom
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#WaterKingdom is one of those places
where you want to relax, enjoy and have
fun. Are you looking for some?

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html #IntoTheBlue
Water Kingdom
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Reach speeds of approximately 64 km/h on the tallest slide at #WaterKingdom! Isn’t your heart pounding in anticipation? Book your tickets here [ Waterkingdom.in Link ] #IntoTheBlue
Water Kingdom
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Tell us your favorite memories at #WaterKingdom and stand a chance to win! #PuraniYaadein #ContestAlert
Water Kingdom
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You know you deserve a long, fun-filled weekend! Avail the offer here: [ Waterkingdom.in Link ] #ThrillingThursday
Water Kingdom
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Take a walk down memory lane; relive those precious moments from your childhood. #PuraniYaadein
Water Kingdom
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Water Kingdom
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All set for the bus ride, our excitement would still not die down! We all had our favorite rides and share of fun but one thought remained common, “I’m definitely coming back again!”
Water Kingdom
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Celebrate #Pongal at #WaterKingdom with our Mauj Masti offer! ​Show us the physical copy of the stamped MAUJ MASTI scheme and get a value-back coupon worth INR 400 for adults and INR 250 for children on your next visit.
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Water Kingdom
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#EsselWorld and #WaterKingdom wishes you a happy #MakarSankranti,#Pongal, #Lohri, #Bihu, #Ugadi, #Uttarayan & #Bhogi!
Endless rides, amazing fun and great times! But all good things come to an end, don’t they? We all remember pleading with our teacher to experience one more ride! #PuraniYaadein
Thank you for making this Christmas one of the best at #EsselWorld and #WaterKingdom! Hope we will see you next year too! #LittleSantu #Throwback
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Even after spending a day enjoying your heart out, you still wish there was more time!
All you wish, this day never comes to an end! #PuraaniYaadein
As you step into the world of fun, adventure and thrill, all your fantasies come alive!

Wanting to make the most of this moment, you waste no time thinking about where to start from!

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Your backpacks are packed with chips, juices and an extra set of clothes! Excitement is in the air and everyone starts to cheer as the bus pulls away!
Comment and let us know if you can relate! #PuraniYaadein
We all eagerly waited for our school picnic, didn't we?
The moment when our teacher took us by surprise by giving the news about ‘The Upcoming Class Picnic.’ #PuraniYaadein
Each one of us has truly enjoyed our school days, especially ‘The Picnics’. If given a chance, wouldn't we all love to go back in time and relive those #childhood moments?
Stay tuned for some fun-filled #memories! #PuraaniYaadein #WaterKingdom
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