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Leonardo was a very special Christmas 2016 arrival - the first to be born in his Madagascan village after clean water arrived.

3 months later and isn't he looking strong and healthy!

Like if you agree that all babies should be born into a world where safe, clean water is a given.
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So, what's the more important invention: toilets or Facebook?*

* PS. we're aware of the irony of asking this question on Facebook (but at least we're not posting this while on the loo!)

The invention of the toilet was 'much more important than Facebook,' says economist Joseph Stiglitz

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What are you thinking of giving up for Lent? Do it for WaterAid and it will feel a lot more rewarding!

By saving up the pennies you'll be helping girls like Neny from Madagascar, who makes a long and tough journey every day just to collect dirty water.

[ Watera.id Link ] Starts 1 March.
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What does Paralympic champion Ellie Simmonds have in common with 13-year-old Shayilini from Malawi?

Watch to find out...
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Clean water is smiles better :)

So says Sandy from Madagascar, who used to suffer from head lice but is now able to wash her hair as often as she likes.

Read more about Sandy, and the amazing changes a gravity flow water scheme is having in her community, in the new edition of Oasis - landing on doormats this week!
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Nina's WaterAid is amazing - she might only be 6 but we think Nina has a great future ahead of her as a news reporter.

What do you think?

PS. Watch to the end for all the important info..!

Nina's Water Aid Video Homework

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1 in 10 people worldwide still lack access to clean, safe water. Selling 'luxury' water harvested from icebergs for Β£80 a bottle seems absurd to us.

What do you think?

'Luxury water' for Β£80 a bottle? It's ignorant, insensitive and irresponsible | Katherine Purvis

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From clean water flows health, education and livelihoods.

Your congregation can join us this Lent on a journey towards safe water for children like Neny.

Sign up for your free resource pack today: [ Watera.id Link ]
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The whole village of Belavabary, Madagascar, is dancing for joy thanks to your love and generosity, which is turning on taps for families all over the world!

In fact, you’ve helped spread the love to 24.9 million people worldwide.

Please share with the ones you love and show them the difference you're making
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What's something everyone loves - and should have?

Clean, safe water, of course!

Just like Henitsoa, 5, from Madagascar now does.

Happy Valentine's Day
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Look closely at this photo from Nepal and what do you see?

Happy Valentine's Day. Choose love (and clean water for all) in 2017!

Click the button if you see a

Please share with a loved one!
Breaking period taboos and managing menstruation hygienically are important areas of our work in rural Pakistan.

Girl-friendly toilets are making a difference for girls like Ramshar across schools in Punjab Province, Pakistan, thanks to your support and the support of DFID - UK Department for International Development. Thank you :)
Happiness is... clean, safe water!

Edward Ila, 5, and Manou La'a, 6, from Papua New Guinea, enjoy their bucket shower. When it rains, it pours
This letter from Archie to a girl in Ethiopia melts our like a ❄

Aged just six, he sees what many adults don't: that no matter where we live, we're all made of the same stuff.

Please share if you feel the same, and have a great weekend :)
It may seem hard to believe on a day like this, but in just over 4 months, it's Glastonbury Festival (official) time - and you could be there!

If you've got what it takes, apply this weekend: [ Watera.id Link ]

Here comes the summer... β˜€
Whether we live in Madagascar, Pakistan or the UK, we're all made of the same stuff - water. We have similar hopes, fears and dreams, too.

In this album we ask people young and old: what are you made of?
The Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 ballot results are out!

Don’t panic if you receive the dreaded commiserations magazine(!) Register for a charity place with WaterAid instead, and you can make your challenge even more epic by helping to #FinishThirst.

[ Watera.id Link ]
People young and old in Madagascar and Pakistan enjoy taking selfies just as much as we do - yet another thing we have in common :)

We're all made of the same stuff (water!) and we have similar hopes and dreams; happiness, good health and a long life filled with love and laughter.

Please share these pictures and share hope for the future.

Photography assisted by Ernest Randriarimalala in...
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