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Prime Minister Turnbull and the Liberal Party have fulsomely embraced Pauline Hanson's radical right-wing agenda on economics and energy security.

The Liberal Party’s willingness to mislead Australians about climate change and energy policy has condemned Australia to a decade of confusion and stasis on energy policy.

Article - Our Lost Decade on Climate Change & Energy Policy

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Turnbull wants young jobseekers to wait five weeks before they can access Newstart. This won't help young people find a job, just leave them with nothing to live on. Meanwhile they're giving $50 billion tax cuts to multinational corporations.
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This will become known as the lost decade we couldn’t afford on climate change and energy policy – but when the consequences are felt in years and decades to come, it’s incumbent upon us all not to forget the political opportunists and charlatans who led us down this path.

Read my guest blog on the Coalition's climate change and energy policies.

WAYNE SWAN. Coalition energy policy. | John Menadue – Pearls and Irritations

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Congratulations to the senior leaders of Aspley State School who were inducted this morning.
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Unfortunately, all of the above is correct.
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Over the last 30 years Australia has done better than most in ensuring social equity while maintaining strong economic growth — but this record is now under threat from the trickle-down policies of the Turnbull government.

For Australia to continuing growing strongly we must ensure fair and equitable wages for all Australians and hold boards accountable for excessive and obscene CEO packages...
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For 33 years Australians have come to regard Medicare as a national icon. Governments have come and gone, but Medicare has survived, despite the fact that particular conservative governments have sought to tear it down.

Earlier this week I spoke in parliament about the Liberals latest attempt to deliberately white-ant the very foundations of Medicare.
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A beautiful evening for the opening of the Toombul District Cricket Club's new rooftop grandstand tonight.

I was proud to support the club in this project with over $15,000 through the Stronger Community Grants Program.

The club has been around just about as long as Nundah and seen a lot of great Australian cricketers come through it's ranks, so it was fantastic to see so many kids out there...
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After a week in parliament I always love the chance to visit one of our fantastic local schools and this morning I had the opportunity to join with the students, staff, and parents of Prince of Peace at Everton Park for their Junior School Leaders Installation.

Congratulations to the new school leaders and thank you to the head of college Philip Hulland for having me along.
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Fantastic to see recognition of all the work the Zillmere PCYC has done for women in our community through the (RUBY) Rise Up, Be Yourself program.

RUBY helps empower women affected by violence by building physical strength and contributing to general well-being, emotional resilience, self-esteem and confidence through physical exercise.

Program helps empower women affected by violence

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The reprimand last week by the Prime Minister of the Australia Post executive can't obscure the fact that he is a part of this trickle-down racket. He's part of an over paid and over powered corporate financial elite that are imposing trickle-down economics on ordinary working Australians.

Rather than take real steps towards tackling income inequality the Prime Minister has returned to...
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A SENIOR Government strategist says One Nation has evolved from 20 years ago, even as the party revives a 2 per cent tax policy that economists have warned would “collapse the economy”.

One Nation policy would ‘collapse the economy’

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Having failed to decimate Medicare through the front door the Coalition is now attempting to undermine Medicare through the back door by destroying the payments system and blowing out wait times.

Put simply this is a government which is intent on destroying the social safety net.

It is intent on turning our tax system upside down by providing tax cuts for the wealthy and service cuts for...
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One Nation and the Liberals; two peas from the same pod.

Both are willing to impose savage cuts to health and education - just more trickle down economics.
Not only do men who've had a relative with prostate cancer have a 1 in 3 risk of developing the disease but women are also at risk of developing breast cancer.
I'm down at Dymocks Chermside for the next hour, so if you're in the area drop by to say hello and grab a signed copy of The Good Fight.
I'm down at Dymocks Chermside with Dr Judith O'Malley-Ford to promote her book on prostate cancer & diseases, 'The Stalking of the Prostate'.

If you're interested in finding out more, or just having a chat we're here until 1pm.
Another fantastic school assembly this afternoon at Everton Park State School recognising the student leaders for 2017.

Thanks to all the teachers, parents, and students for braving the heat and congratulations to all the new student leaders on the year ahead.