We love our Lamb
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Spice up your dance moves with this Cajun #lamb rib recipe. Get it now at: [ Bit.ly Link ] #unitedwelamb #youneverlambalone #recipes #dinner #celebration #party #mardigras2017
We love our Lamb
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Learn step 6 (‘the shoulder’) of the lamb dance and follow-up with this zesty citrus-roasted lamb shoulder recipe. Find it here: [ Bit.ly Link ] #unitedwelamb #youneverlambalone #recipes #dinner #celebration #party #mardigras2017
We love our Lamb
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Have you started learning the lamb dance for #mardigras2017 ? Step 3 is the 'leg' and here is the perfect lamb leg recipe to get you in the mood: [ Bit.ly Link ] #unitedwelamb #youneverlambalone #recipes #dinner #celebration #party
We love our Lamb
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This Mardi Gras, we’re continuing to champion unity and inclusivity by bringing everyone together on one united float.

No matter who or where you are, you could feature on the We Love Our Lamb Mardi Gras float as it marches down Oxford Street. All you need to do is record yourself doing all, or part of the rump-shaking, sausage-shimmying ‘lamb dance’ as instructed below.

So what are you...
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We love our Lamb
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We're coming to #mardigras2017 ‍! Make sure you drop into the #weloveourlamb stand at #fairday tomorrow to see how you can be involved in celebrating unity and inclusivity #unitedwelamb
There's nothing better than a lamb cutlet to share with family and friends #unitedwelamb #weloveourlamb Get the recipe: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Lamb forequarter chops - made for the barbie #unitedwelamb #weloveourlamb Get the recipe: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Something we all have in common - our love of Australia…and lamb! #unitedwelamb #weloveourlamb Get the recipe: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Get the party started with this twist on the classic banh mi #unitedwelamb #weloveourlamb #lamb Get the recipe: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Lamb skewers for all! #unitedwelamb #weloveourlamb
It's time to celebrate, so get everyone together over some lamb #unitedwelamb #weloveourlamb Get the recipe: [ Bit.ly Link ]
This year, we’re celebrating Australia over a lamb barbecue. And it’s gonna be big! Because You Never Lamb Alone.
Christmas. The ultimate occassion to come together with family and friends #youneverlambalone #weloveourlamb #merrychristmas
Fire up the barbie and create your own churrasco party with this butterflied lamb leg recipe - a real crowd pleaser. Get the recipe: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Have you got your copy of Entice magazine yet? Look out for it at your local butcher, ALDI or IGA store for great lamb recipes like this one: [ Bit.ly Link ]
The Scotch egg might be unfamiliar, but it will soon become your best friend. Make a batch for tonight's dinner with the extras perfect for tomorrow's lunch or later for a weekend snack. What more could you ask for? Get the recipe: [ Bit.ly Link ]