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The Earth's climate may be warming, but lake-effect snow could actually be on the increase – for a while, at least.

Climate Change Could Bring More Lake-Effect Snow – For a Few Decades
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As La Niña comes to an end this spring, the best chance for above-average temperatures will be in portions of the South.

Spring 2017 Temperature Outlook: Warmth to Persist in the South
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More heavy rain and snow will hit California before becoming a potential Plains and Midwest snowmaker.

Late-Weekend Storm Will Pound California and Could Become a Plains, Midwest Snowmaker
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The National Weather Service said an EF2 tornado was in progress Thursday morning, leaving damage in the town of Magee, Mississippi.

EF2 Tornado Confirmed in Southern Mississippi as Severe Weather Outbreak Threatens Deep South
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Kori has caused big travel problems in the Pacific Northwest, but is now moving on to another area. Here's the latest.

Roads Reopened in Northwest as Winter Storm Kori Takes Aim at California, Arizona
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Rescuers found six people alive on Friday in an avalanche-buried Italian hotel. Weeks of cold and snow have besieged Europe, with frozen precipitation making it all the way to far northern Africa.

More than 20 Deaths Feared in Italian Hotel Buried by Avalanche | Category 6™
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We discuss the science behind lunar rainbows, otherwise known as moonbows.

The Science Behind Moonbows, or Rainbows Seen at Night
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Kori has caused big travel problems in the Pacific Northwest. Here's the latest.

Winter Storm Kori Becomes Icy Mess for Northwest Travel; Hundreds Stranded
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Officials said as many as 30 people were missing in the rubble.

Large Avalanche Buries Hotel in Central Italy; Many Feared Dead
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WunderMap® | Interactive Weather Map and Radar
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Looking for weather photos from around the world? Check out this week's World View!

World View
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It may be January, but severe weather is a threat for the Gulf Coast.

Severe Weather Outbreak Possible in the Deep South, Gulf Coast This Weekend
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Some of the coldest air of this winter season is engulfing Alaska this week.

Parts of Alaska See Coldest Temperatures in Several Years as Lows Plummet to the 40s & 50s Below 0
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Yet another round of mountain snow, ice and heavy rain is impacting the West.

Winter Storm Kori to Produce More Northwest Ice, Feet of Sierra Snow, & Flooding Rain in California
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Rounds of rain and thunderstorms will impact the South through this weekend.

Significant Severe Weather Threat May Develop in the South as Rounds of Rain Impact the Region
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The last six weeks make a compelling argument for the nation's worst winter city in 2016-17.

Portland, Oregon, May Be America's Most Winter-Fatigued City in 2016-17
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Extremely heavy rainfall led to serious travel problems Wednesday morning.

Houston Swamped by Flooding; Cars Stranded, Water Rescues Reported
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Last year topped all rivals for global temperature, according to both NASA and NOAA. How does 2017 look?

Confirmed: 2016 the Warmest Year in History of Global Recordkeeping | Category 6™
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December may not evoke visions of sun and surf for most of the nation, but out on the West Coast, watersports know no season — the ocean is open year round, all it takes is a little preparation.

Enjoy Winter Watersports on the West Coast
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An incoming low-pressure system may bring rainy weather to Washington D.C. this Friday.

Inauguration Day 2017 May Be Among the Warmest and Wettest