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STOP MOANING & START THINKING Paul Boag offers insight on how to get what you want [ Boagworld.com Link ]

7 things to do when stuck in a dead end digital team

NEW ISSUE OUT NOW. Code smarter custom HTML with Web Components and unravel the secrets of CSS layouts with Flexbox and CSS Grid. Plus, code with CSS Shapes, create custom WordPress menus and 20 tips for a superfast site. [ Imagineshop.co.uk Link ]

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DRONES, THEY'RE EVERYWHERE. Including your designs with this FREE collection [ Tympanus.net Link ]

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5 ELEMENTS EVERY INFOGRAPHIC NEEDS: Learn how to create designs that make people want to admire and read [ Designshack.net Link ]

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NEW ISSUE OUT NOW. Get creative with CSS4 & HTML5.1. Find out how to use CSS4 selectors, CSS variables and what’s happening with HTML5.1. Plus, tips and tricks to improve, maintain and test your JavaScript code
[ Imagineshop.co.uk Link ]

Web Designer Issue 258 | Imagine Shop

HOW MUCH ARE YOUR DESIGNS WORTH? Watch this and make sure you get what you deserve for your services. [ Logodesignlove.com Link ]

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SAY GOODBYE TO THE HAMBURGER MENU 8 Brilliant examples of mobile navigation done right.
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20 KILLER WORDPRESS CUSTOMISATION TIPS in the latest issue of Web Designer. Get them now [ Imagineshop.co.uk Link ]

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IT'S LIKE GROUPON FOR DESIGNERS Check out these five sites for good deals for designers [ Noupe.com Link ]

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WEB HOSTING. Everyone needs it. Get top tips from the pros at tidyhosts. You know it makes sense [ Gadgetdaily.xyz Link ]