Web Summit
Web Summit
06/22/2017 at 07:21. Facebook
Web Summit Press conference with Paddy Cosgrave.
Corruption in Ireland discussion from 14:45 (Fast forward to 14 minutes and 45 seconds)
Helen Callan
Ricardo Nobre
Alan Lawes
Web Summit
Web Summit
06/21/2017 at 13:06. Facebook
We're bringing our fintech event, MoneyConf, to Dublin next year.

Ready for tomorrow's announcement?
Don't miss it, we're telling you where the new venue will be.
Sit tight, it'll be a big one.

We're bringing our fintech event MoneyConf to Dublin next year
Israel Soares
Colm Mullen
Is SESAMm the most exciting startup here at MoneyConf? Our PITCH judges think so - they've just been crowned winners of PITCH at #MoneyConf
Catch them on Twitter @sesamm_inside
Susan Lisa
Saurabh Bajpaiee
Abhas Kant
Who's at MoneyConf Day Two? Check the stream here: Facebook.com/MoneyConf, and take a tour here...
Hugo Corleone
Christopher Green
Michael Reyes
Who will win - traditional players or the disrupters? We're live from MoneyConf with Atom Bank CEO Mark Mullen
Olimpia Mesa
Maureen Tully
Ardit Emërllahu
MoneyConf ain't over until we say so

Join us to catch the last glimpse of this year's event ✨
George Powell
What's the future of fintech? Kabbage co-founder Kathryn Petralia has her say, live from MoneyConf
Corbyn or May? Labour or the Conservatives? The UK goes to the polls tomorrow - who would you like to see come out on top?
Live from MoneyConf.
Anastasia Basta
Sameh A. Dahy
Sameh A. Dahy
What will bitcoin be valued at in 12 months?
Seedcamp's Reshma Sohoni has an answer, live from MoneyConf
Michael Reyes
Азамат Шамсутдинов
Rodriguez Mitch Kate
Brett King is in the building at our fintech event MoneyConf
How does he feel about the burning questions in international fintech?
Monty Hamilton
Flowers Cab
Wondering what's to come in November?

Check out #MoneyConf to see a bit of what you can expect
What does an after-hours party for the international fintech crew look like?
It's Night Summit at MoneyConf
Eva Lole
What will bitcoin's value be next year? How will AI affect job losses in the financial sector? Will traditional players win?
We answer fintech's burning questions with NEA general partner Ravi Vishwanathan here at MoneyConf Day One
Kalyan Chakravarthy Reddy
Shadab Malik
Franky Murray
Catch a glimpse of this year's MoneyConf over on the official #WebSummit Instagram
[ Instagram.com Link ]
Catch a glimpse of this year's MoneyConf over on the official WebSummit Instagram
Catch the afternoon of our fintech event, MoneyConf, right here
David Cloud Puzer
Lauren Smith
If you wanna see the best of the onstage content at our fintech event MoneyConf, head on over here: facebook.com/MoneyConf
If you want a behind-the-scenes look at Day One of the event, watch here...
Olimpia Mesa
Neil Andrade
Michael Reyes
Who are the most in-demand startups at our fintech event MoneyConf?
It's MoneyConf Day One, and we've got some of the world's most exciting fintech startups joining us, along with some of tech's most influential investors.
Our attending investors have been asking to meet our startups – check out the top 20 startups with the most requests
And we have an ALPHA in first place......
View details ⇨
Who are the most indemand startups at our fintech event MoneyConf
We're live from Day One of our fintech event #MoneyConf with Starling Bank CEO Anne Boden
Do you still carry cash?
Азамат Шамсутдинов
Vinay Kumar Verma
Monika Kaminska
MoneyConf is live right now

Tune in to catch a glimpse of the action
1. We’re returning to Dublin.

2. We’re providing €1.5 million a year in free tickets to students from every school and college in Ireland to all our events globally.

3. Timing of return has nothing to do with Enda Kenny’s departure.

We're hosting a public press conference to say more about our future, and our past, on Thursday June 22 in the Shelbourne Hotel from 8am-9:15am. Light...
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1 Were returning to Dublin 2 Were providing 15 million a year

Web Summit Press Conference

EVENT - facebook.com
Sarah Proudford
Trish Duffe
Aisling O'Leary