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02/20/2017 at 11:28. Facebook
In 2016, we started an initiative to even the gender ratio at #WebSummit. We gave 10,000 subsidised tickets to women working in the tech from all around the world. But we're not stopping there. In 2017, we want to continue our Commitment to Change.

Tag a female working in the tech industry who you would like to see speak or participate in a panel at this year's event, or share this post. If...
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02/17/2017 at 12:56. Facebook
Here is our in-office pooch, Alfie, modelling some of our #WebSummit swag.

Over the last six years at Web Summit, we’ve come across some seriously fly startup swag. Post a picture of yours or the best you’ve seen in the comments below, and we’ll send you some of ours.
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02/15/2017 at 16:49. Facebook
#WebSummit wanna have breakfast with you.☕???? This week Sarah Mortell, who brings international policymakers and political leaders to our events had an amazing #WomeninTech breakfast in Brussels with this great bunch.

We want to meet more great communities in the next few months. Who should we meet? Coders in Berlin? Designers in Amsterdam? Comment and let us know.
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02/15/2017 at 10:30. Facebook
Ever thought of a startup that should be included in our startup pitching battle, PITCH? Tag an emerging, disruptive startup in the comments, that has received under €3 million in funding to date, who will be in with a chance to get a straight pass onto our #WebSummit PITCH shortlist.

If we pick someone you recommend we'll send you a guest pass to Web Summit so you can be there to cheer them on.
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02/13/2017 at 11:55. Facebook
We want to invite tech entrepreneurs and innovators aged 25 or under from all around the world to #WebSummit, but who should we invite?

Tag someone who you think gets technology and it's potential, or share this post. ☆ If we pick someone you recommend we'll send you a guest pass to Web Summit.
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02/13/2017 at 09:37. Facebook
Some future tech leaders took over #WebSummit HQ over the weekend with Totoro CoderDojo.
Why the EU is important. ✌

Our founder Paddy Cosgrave is flying ✈ to Brussels to meet EU leaders. Can the EU better help startups? If so, how?
Lisbon = beautiful even in the rain ☔
Just met the CEO of Portugal Telecom. Great guy Paulo Neves. You're going to love him. He made wifi work at #WebSummit for the first time in our history!

We also bumped into some paparazzi!
I makz another bad video - you're going to really love this one.
Meet some of Portugal best female entrepreneurs. The future of Portugal is in good hands. ✌????⭐ If you know a female entrepreneur we should meet tag them in the comments section.
I (Paddy) made a really bad video - but "you're going to love it"
Absolutely love what GitLab (WS15) are building and how they are building it. This is worth a read: [ Ycombinator.com Link ]

GitLab’s Secret to Managing 160 Employees in 160 Locations

We ❤ Lisbon. It might just be the most beautiful city in the world. Our CEO Paddy is going for drinks at Beta-i tomorrow, Friday, from 6pm. Come say hi! Are there any startups he should meet?
A new chicken has joined our brood at #WebSummit HQ.
Give us your name suggestions in the comments. ☆
❤✈ We're flying to Lisbon right now! Should Web Summit do a meet up on Friday night. Where? What time is best?
“Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.” - Peter F. Drucker

We want to interview the innovators of tech entrepreneurship. Tag a founder/co-founder of a tech company who you think made a brave decision when setting up their business or share this post. If we pick someone you recommend we'll send you a guest pass to #WebSummit. ✨
PHD in Physics or Maths? Web Summit are hiring. Academics from some of the world’s leading physics and maths departments have left their jobs and relocated to Ireland to work in our Research Group.

We’re focused on modelling and predicting human behaviour. We have a multidisciplinary approach combining fields including computer vision, artificial intelligence, machine learning, complex...
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Currently working in academia?

BRUSSELS! Next Tuesday we want to meet female entrepreneurs in Brussels for breakfast on us. Who should our CEO Paddy Cosgrave meet? Tag a female entrepreneur in the comments, or share this post. They don’t need to be tech entrepreneurs.