Needless to say, Curt is not too happy with the Hall of Fame voting.

K&C- Curt Schilling joins the show and thinks the HOF process is a joke 1-19-17
"The louder they get, the more fired up you get and you live off the crowd. All the people out there in Foxboro, get ready. We need you. We need you."

Julian Edelman has message for Gillette Stadium crowd Sunday night
No team is better equipped to handle the Steelers' weapons. Will the Patriots D dominate again Sunday?

Breaking down exactly how Patriots are perfectly-suited to contain Steelers explosive weapons
Remember Deflategate? The thing about the footballs? Turns out Patriots owner Robert Kraft is still "simmering" over Tom Brady's punishment.

Robert Kraft reportedly still simmering about Tom Brady’s suspension
Edelman: "I get so defensive. I'm sorry. My therapist yells at me for that."

SoundFX - Texans vs Patriots
The Patriots continue to look pretty good health-wise. The only real question could be Malcolm Mitchell.

Perfect active roster attendance at Patriots practice for 2nd straight day
Is the Patriots defense stopping Ben, Brown, and Bell the biggest concern heading into the AFC Championship game?

Dale and Holley with Keefe will speak with Peter King at 4:30 today.

Patriots defense looks good on paper, but with lack of competition real answer will come Sunday
Kirk brings Chad Finn back to the show to talk about the Charlotte Wilder story on the relationship between the Pats and Trump. The two disagree.

Ep. 49: Chad Finn - Charlotte Wilder's story on Trump/Patriots
We now know one of the two voters who threw a Hall of Fame vote at Jason Varitek and why. Their reasons are their own. Here's why that is OK.

Jason Varitek Hall of Fame voter illustrates why it's OK to make 'dumb' choices
Curt Schilling's political views may hurt his Hall of Fame candidacy, but they're helping his brand.

Curt Schilling’s status as a right-wing icon grows with each lost Hall of Fame vote