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I asked her to travel the world with me in an old hippie van ❤ she said no.
4am. I've always been a night person, but recently I've been training myself to wake up earlier haha it allows me to workout, pray and meditate before the day officially starts... plus the sunrise is a dope bonus. I definitely recommend trying it ☀
guitar hero taught me
All praise to the creator life is beautiful.
Hidden hills
lil guy got me
I haven't been 100% honest... [ Youtu.be Link ]
these little cuties were rescued today. Found them by themselves in an empty field. Gonna take care of them until they're old enough to adopt.
Flowers for the pretty lady
met up with this little cutie haha filmed some funny videos haha
I feel like I'm in the jungle book haha nature is Gods art.
Back to work :)
Let the show begin