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A little bit of bacon and a whole lot of flavour! This Spaghetti Amatriciana recipe is quick dinner option for busy days! Click for the full recipe: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Making a change in your life may be challenging, but is so rewarding in the end! Click the link for a list of 5 ways change (of any kind) is good for you. [ Bit.ly Link ]

Tell us below in the comments: What goal or change are you working towards?
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Spring has sprung! Time to bring on the fresh greens and salad recipes. Try this beet green and bulgur salad for a taste of the season! [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Put some 'om' in your home! An easy way to get away and de-stress is to make a room in your house your sanctuary. Learn how to add a little Zen to your den with our tips: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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It's time to re-think protein! Find out how important protein is in a healthy diet, how much you need per day, and our favourite ways to add it to your day: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Weight Watchers is helping me to make the best lifestyle decisions everyday. I am now a healthier, happier version of myself. My meetings are my go-to for helping me stay accountable for my choices. I'm looking forward to reaching my goal, whatever that may be, and maintaining it. Weight Watchers is and will always be my only program of choice. It's smart, easy to follow and the results are...
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This journey has really taught me to look "Beyond the Scale."

As someone who describes themselves as "ready for anything." The truth is, I was ready as long as I "fit." What I mean by this, is I would love to go on a hike but "I'll stay up here," or I'd love to go go-karting but "I'll take the pictures." I never wanted to embarrass my family with the slowpoke in the back, or the mom that...
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When starting a lifestyle change with food and fitness, it can be challenging. I personally am not a fan of the gym. At my heaviest, of almost 400 pounds, the last thing I wanted to do was walk into a gym and ask for help. My biggest fear was being made fun of.

When I started getting serious about incorporating exercise into my routine I thought of what I loved: DANCING! When I was younger,...
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Oh man, do I ever love food! I often hear "you can't eat that," but with Weight Watchers' Beyond the Scale program, you can eat ANYTHING! Narrowing down my favorite meal would be hard as I love a bit of everything. I thought I'd share one of my go-to's with you all.

This could be a breakfast , a snack or a dessert. Regardless how you eat it, it's delicious!

I use 3/4 protein yogurt (2...
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Hey #wwfamily, I'm Victoria (@weight_wise_with_ww). I am honored to be taking over #membermonday today and I hope I can show you a bit of my world. Weight Watchers not only helped me lose over 135 lbs, but it's given me so much more in life that I didn't know I was missing.

Now onto the good stuff, I am a 32-year-old married mom of 2 from Welland, Ontario. I started my #wwjourney in July...
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What a transformation! Get ready for Victoria's #MemberMonday today.
Be sure to follow along to read her story!
Looking for a way to de-stress? Just colour! Click to learn more about the benefits of colouring:

Let us know in the comments below: Have you tried it? [ Bit.ly Link ]
Add a little southern flair to any day with cornbread. Click for some of our favourite cornbread recipes: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Feeling lucky? Whether you're wearing green or not, take today to make your own luck by working towards your goals.

Tell us in the comments below: how are you working towards your goals today?
Dance it out! No matter your skill level or musical taste, dancing is a great way to get moving and stay active. Click to find out how to incorporate it into your exercise routine: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Break out your slow-cooker and set it to simmer! This paella recipe is full of flavour and can cook at home while you're out and about.

Click here for the full recipe: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Weight Watchers has a healthy and easy program to follow. It raises your awareness of different foods and helped me to make healthier choices.

The scale is now my friend and reinforces that I am eating the right foods.

This program allowed me to have the time to focus on myself, in a positive way, and make the necessary changes in my lifestyle. I can highly recommend Weight Watchers...
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Being in control of my weight, through the Weight Watchers Beyond the Scale program, and knowing that I’m no longer under the negative influence of emotions or feelings is very powerful.

I know I’m eating healthy meals and snacks and can easily track them. I’ve cut down on desserts and I make better choices at home, at restaurants, and at family gatherings because of what I’ve learned.

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