How to get paralyzed. When trying to make a new Instagram video goes wrong. She luckily escaped with minor injuries.

Bringing the barbell onto oneโ€™s neck/spine can be dangerous and cause serious injury.

*Please use caution when performing this work out. A few extra pounds on your lift is not worth an injury!
An Irish method for tackling problems
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After Ed Sheeran announced his looking for #Irishdancers for his next video, We have seen several interesting proposals for achieving that goal.

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By Hession School of Irish Dance
This baptism in Georgia is enough to make your head spin!

Now we don't see that everyday..
Some people aren't very clever
Irish stereotypes by county!
Christmas at the Maughans looked great!

They must have been playing monopoly, before a family feud rose to another level!

Mam was ready to bottle someone at one point!
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Happy New Year 2017!
WATCH: This girl's hilarious "lip sync" commentary about St Stephen's night edition!
Santa's Christmas present list has been given a helping hand this year!
You know it's Christmas in Ireland when this ad hits our screens.
Sunrise on The River Liffey
Dublin have won the All-Ireland Football final! They are the All-Ireland Champions for the second year in a row! but hard not to feel that Mayo heartbreak, Congratulations Official Dublin GAA
WATCH: Two women caught stealing a gas canister outside a shop in Arklow!

The not so wise thief's lifted an empty gas canister, before legging off with it. Sometime later they both return to steal bags of potatoes or coal as it seems.
WATCH: At least 40 vehicles caught up in deadly wreck during snowstorm.

The major car pileup occurred in Michigan America!