Happy Wellington Anniversary weekend everyone! To celebrate, the weather sadly thought we should live up to our name as the Windiest Capital.

Tomorrow (Sunday) there will be wind and rain - with a WARNING in place for NW swells (up to 4m) along Kapiti Coast and Pukerua Bay.

There is also a WARNING in place for severe Northerly gales tomorrow - up to...
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Wellington City Weather - NZ Weather Forecast from
Weather Warnings for the January ‘Bomb Low’ – HAVE YOUR SAY!

Please take this 5-minute survey to let GNS Science, MetService and WREMO know what you thought about the weather ‘Bomb Low’ wind event in Wellington on Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th January.

Click on the link below. Many thanks for your help, region! - Dan

Wellington Wind Event 18-19 January 2017 Survey
Rimutaka Hill is now OPEN. The strong wind warning remains in place so please take extra care if you are in a high-sided vehicle or motorbike. Thank you for your patience. Please drive safely.

The road remains CLOSED. Please delay your travel or use an alternative route.

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Following on from Mischa's theme earlier this week (before I spoiled it with shakes and weather warnings), what's the best thing you've done to get prepared for an emergency that didn't cost you any money? - Kerry
Didn't need that interruption to my lunch! Is everyone okay?

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It'll take a little time to be located and the right size determined by the seismolgists. - Kerry

EDIT: It's been reviewed as a 5.1, 11 km deep and 15 km east of Seddon.

GeoNet - Quakes
If you’re like me, Christmas and New Year may have taken a bit of a toll on the bod and the bank account. Getting prepared for anything other than hibernating this "summer" might be a distant dream. But, never fear, preparedness can be easy…and FREE! :o Here’s some tips for preparedness on a budget:

1) Recycle fizzy and juice bottles to store water (20L per person to last a week). Ask your...
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SCIENCE FRIDAY! - We had a few comments about last night's earthquake where people said it felt like there were two. Here's a couple of videos from our friends at GNS Science that help explain why that happens.

[ Link ]
[ Link ]

I hope you all managed to get some sleep last night! - Kerry

Computer Simulations of Earthquake Waves in NZ

Yoshihiro Kaneko models the propagation of seismic waves across New Zealand

I've somehow managed to miss a lot of the recent aftershocks during the holiday period, but I felt that one! It felt like the cat was scratching an itch on the bed. - Kerry

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GeoNet - Quakes
This video from MBIE has a really cool demonstration near the start of why medium height buildings were more affected by the November quake than the short ones. - Kerry [ Link ]

Impact of Kaikoura Earthquake on Wellington buildings


Looks like the weather wants to farewell 2016 in true style - and unfortunately that means wind and rain for parts of the Wellington Region. Hopefully it won't upset too many New Years Eve/Day plans, but if you are heading out and about, make sure you keep an eye on the forecast. And don't forget to secure any outdoor furniture/items - you don't want that...
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New Zealand's official weather forecasts & warnings - Meteorological Service of New Zealand (MetService)
Merry Christmas Wellington Region!

To all of our wonderful followers, preparedness extraordinaires, emergency services, partner agencies, councils, businesses and organisations, we hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

We’ll be kicking around, making sure we’ve got your back if needed, but let’s hope for a warm, dry, QUIET Christmas break!

Stay safe, be prepared, and keep awesome, region...
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Wherever you are these holidays, if you're at the beach or near the coast. Use your Google-fu before you go to see if there are tsunami evacuation zones for the places you are visiting. - Kerry
On the eleventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me, eleven Ladies Dancing… and on the ELEVENTH DAY OF PREPAREDNESS…make sure you have some practical shoes as well as your dancing shoes in your grab bag.

Many of us don’t live in the same suburb that we work in. Have you thought about how you’d get home if the roads were damaged and public transport was down after an emergency?

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Happy Friday, region! Here's your Friday Preparedness Punny! - Mischa #shakennotstirred #securethatfurniture #fixandfasten #fridaypunny #gottagetdownonfriday #elfonashelf
On the tenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, ten Pipers Piping… and on the TENTH DAY OF PREPAREDNESS… we want you to pipe up and introduce yourselves to your neighbours!

When there’s an emergency, our emergency services and response teams can’t be everywhere at once. Those around you, your neighbours, will be there to help you immediately.

Meet these people on your street now. Know...
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This is near our Wellington office, so we're glad to hear about access improving! - Kerry

Molesworth Street demolition - cordon to be reduced tomorrow
On the ninth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, nine Drummers Drumming … and on the NINTH DAY OF PREPAREDNESS…we drum into each and every one of you how important it is to STORE WATER!

Did you know that our region uses around 200 million litres of water per day?! We rely on being able to turn our taps on to make a cup of tea, wash our hands, cook, shower and do our gardening. The...
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On the eighth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, eight Maids-a-Milking… and on the EIGHTH DAY OF PREPAREDNESS…we can all call on our inner maid to make sure we are house savvy and house ready for an earthquake.

Over time some of our questionable DIY improvements can affect the ability of our homes to cope with an earthquake. Here's some key things to make your home safer and if you...
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