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There's time for one last action before we head off to our Friday fun, and this week it's much needed!

Please contact your local elected officials to tell them #TransLivesMatter, and which bills in their state are preventing that from being true.

Take Action Against Anti-Trans Legislation Now!

Wendy Davis
02/22/2017 at 16:33. Facebook
Friends in San Francisco Bay - I hope to see you at this awesome event cohosted by Spark a week from today!

Spark Presents: An Evening with Wendy Davis

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Bay Area, I can't wait to see you so soon!!! Stanford University students and Google employees, check Deeds Not Words website later or follow our social feeds to get more details on where to find me.
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On this day, of all days: let's all do our part and #resist!
Wendy Davis
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Today's daily deed is a great way to make your voice heard. Let's all commit to attending an upcoming Town Hall and bringing a friend too!

Town Hall Project

Every day, we must take action to protect our rights and fight for equality. Need something to #DO? Check out Deeds Not Words and our #DeedsDigest today!

Deed’s Digest from Wendy Davis

Have you been inspired by your local community Women's March? Are you ready to join the army of #ChangeMakers who will fight for women's equality? Join tonight's United State of Women Tele Town Hall and get ready for next week's #WeekOfAction!
There is still time to confirm your opposition to 3 bills threatening our reproductive rights today!

A member of our team shows just how easy the process is to register opposition at the Capitol, and to obtain talking points to guide you if you'd like to make your voice heard.
My beloved Texans, I'm asking you to show up or share. #FightBackTX

Please register in opposition of 3 bills threatening our reproductive rights at the Capitol on your way to work tomorrow! Or share this post with your friends in the hope that they can.

FIGHT BACK Texas: Stop 3 Anti-Abortion Bills This Week

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Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!!! Let's all commit to spreading love not just today but every day.

All my fellow Texans who can't join a #OneBillionRising march today: rather than sending a valentine, please consider signing the Purple Postcard to support increased services for those who could use some love in our state: [ Tcfv.org Link ]

Events - One Billion Rising Revolution

Whether or not we have a sweetheart to spend tomorrow with, we can all use Valentine's Day as an opportunity to show others we care!

Please check out the options below to spread some much-needed love.

What is V-Day?

#Changemakers, your passion at the Women's March was inspirational. Let's keep the momentum up! I invite you to join a local huddle and continue to fight for change both locally and nationally. Find a local huddle here: [ Bit.ly Link ]

For those looking to make change in our hometown, I hope you will join our collective huddle tomorrow at BossBabes ATX Community Caucus in Austin. ([ Bit.ly...
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Today, I encourage you to sign and share this petition with your fellow #changemakers against Jeff Session’s appointment for Attorney General.

Let legislators know that we will not stand for his policies with this #DeedOfTheDay

Sign the Petition to Stop Sessions Now

Thanks to those who participated in today's #DeedOfTheDay. Our #1 job is creating opportunity for the next generation; Betsy DeVos is a threat to our children's future, as she promises to shift scarce resources and funding from public schools to for-profit institutions. Tell your senator to vote no on DeVos. bit.ly/2khF8Uy

Tell your senators to oppose Betsy DeVos

Quick action needed! Thanks to all #ChangeMakers who have a couple minutes to send out some rapid-fire, pre-drafted tweets! #NoDeVos
This is what it means to "play like a girl." Proud of these #ChangeMakers who continue to push the boundaries of gender roles and expectations.

National Girls and Women in Sports Day: 18 exciting moments in women's college sports

Who's ready to take action on this horrific #MuslimBan before signing off for the weekend?

Scroll to the 'Do' section of our #DeedsDigest, and tag a friend in the comments who should subscribe to our weekly action guide!

Deed’s Digest from Wendy Davis