Wendy's Lookbook
02/21/2017 at 20:01. Facebook
Latest blog post! [ Wendyslookbook.com Link ] Ruffles + lace! A dash of sweetness mixed with strong sculptural elements.
Wendy's Lookbook
02/20/2017 at 18:54. Facebook
New blog post! Ruffles and more ruffles today! Lots of textures paired with embellished pumps. A mix of masculine structures and feminine shapes. Hope you had a good weekend!

Ruffle Ruffles :: Structured jacket & Lace blouse : Wendy's Lookbook

Wendy's Lookbook
02/18/2017 at 16:31. Facebook
New blog post! Restyling a summer button-up for a winter look =) I love versatile pieces that can double up for different seasons. Hope you're having a great weekend so far!

Into the Weekend :: Faux fur coat & Caged booties : Wendy's Lookbook

New blog post! As much as I love photography and styling, I also love being behind the scenes, especially when it comes to art directing. It was incredible working with Marissa Webb on her Fall 2017 Collection! The truth, the vision, and more on the blog...

Behind the Lens :: Marissa Webb x Wendy’s Lookbook : Wendy's Lookbook

Latest blog post - [ Wendyslookbook.com Link ] Blue Lagoon, travel tips, and blogger tips!
Happy Galentine's Day! Cheers to twinning, to lifting each other up, to supporting each other unconditionally! To all those who are in love, tortured by love, have a complicated love, missing your love, have loved and lost, and had your love taken for granted… wishing you endless love today and beyond!
New blog post! My guide to Iceland, part 2! From random adventures to the Blue Lagoon, Iceland is breathtaking! Hope you enjoy the travel posts!

Iceland Journal Part II Reykjavik :: Blue Lagoon & Travel tips : Wendy's Lookbook

Latest blog post - [ Wendyslookbook.com Link ] Playing with horses, shooting at freezing temperatures, and loving every minute of Iceland!
New blog post! Iceland journal part 1 - the behind the scenes to the crazy blush dress shoot, travel tips for bloggers in Iceland, and recommendations to beautiful places in Vik. Hope you enjoy the post and have a great weekend!

Iceland Journal Part I Vik :: Travel tips & Blogger tips : Wendy's Lookbook

New blog post! All pink in Iceland and sharing travel essentials for cold destinations. Hope you're having a good week and talk soon!

Pretty Pinks :: Wrap coat & Travel essentials : Wendy's Lookbook

Magical and majestic... Black Sand Beach, Iceland. More of this photo story - [ Wendyslookbook.com Link ]
New blog post! Snowfall from above and black sand on the ground... so incredibly majestic, Reynisfjara, Iceland! Hope you enjoy this photo story!

Iceland Black Beach :: Blush love & Braided details : Wendy's Lookbook

New blog post! Military layers in Reykjavik, Iceland! A pop of red against structural elements. Happy Friday everyone!

Weekend in Reykjavik :: Winter coat & Structured bag : Wendy's Lookbook

On this Valentine’s Day, a little “I love you” can be from him to her or her to herself. A promise they make together, or more importantly, a promise she makes to herself. A lock and key... a promise to always look forward to unlocking new adventures! SWAROVSKI #spon #Swarovski #givebrilliant
For each door that the key does not open… the no’s and rejections too many for me to count… maybe the best path is to carve your own door. These delicate pieces are layered with meaning, and also beautifully crafted to be layered everyday SWAROVSKI. More on [ Wendyslookbook.com Link ] #Swarovski #givebrilliant #spon
Unlocking new adventures, discovering new journeys. Love the SWAROVSKI Crystal Wishes Collection! Perfect for creating layers seeded with personal meaning. #Swarovski #givebrilliant #spon
New blog post! Taking a little break from Iceland, but the adventure continues with SWAROVSKI! Sparkling motifs and charming poetic symbols with the Crystal Wishes Collection while sightseeing with him <3 #Swarovski #givebrilliant #spon

Adventure Awaits :: Blush tones & Crystal Wishes : Wendy's Lookbook

New VIDEO! January Favorites in fashion and beauty! Some of my all-time favorite winter/spring fashion pieces and beauty go-to items! See you soon on YouTubeLand!

January Favorites

Hi everyone! Sharing some of my favorites this month, and actually, some of the products are my favorites many months before that =) I hope it was helpful an...

Hello from Iceland! Dressing for cold, snowy weather and more on [ Wendyslookbook.com Link ]
New blog post! And hello from Iceland!!! Staying bundled and warm with a burst of color and four layers on! Can't wait to show you more of Iceland!

Iceland :: Aviator jacket & Studded buckle boots : Wendy's Lookbook