Oviraptor - pronounced oh-vih-RAP-tor - was a 2m long raptor which lived 83.5 to 70.6 million years ago in the late Cretaceous period.
Due to its physiology being very bird-like, it has been suggested that they should actually be classed as birds, not dinosaurs!
Happy 'Caturday'! ????

Have you experienced our amazing Lion Cage Feed yet??
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It's Penguin Awareness Day!
We have 18 lovely Humboldt penguins here at the Safari Park.
Our youngest two are both males, called Abu and Bagheera!
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Staff at West Midland Safari Park are celebrating and feeling extremely pleased, after handing over a significant amount of cash to a number of charities they fundraised for in 2016.

Over Β£14,000 was raised by staff and guests onsite, through competitions, donations and VIP experiences. Some funds even came from supporters online, who donated to the...
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Here's some 'Monday Motivation'!
Were you this lively getting out of your bed this morning?!

Eoraptor - pronounced ee-oh-RAP-tor - was a 1m long Triassic carnivore which lived 226 to 216.5 million years ago.

It is thought that the first dinosaurs evolved in South America and Eoraptor is often referred to as the first 'true dinosaur'!

Valentine's Day is just a month away! Why not treat your loved one to a six-course dinner with live music in our unique & intimate venue, Cellarz?

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When it's cold outside, lemurs will huddle together to form a 'lemur ball' ☺
When you're the only one not excited about the snow...
Did you know, in 2016, our nine giraffes got through over 45,000kg of food?!

African lions are such an icon, we tend to think there could never be a world without them, but unfortunately, this species is in decline in the wild...
According to the IUCN, the main threat to lions is being killed by those who believe they threaten human lives or livestock. Another big problem is a reduction of the number of prey animals available to them.
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If you're visiting us at the weekend, don't forget that you can view our Art & Photography finalists' work in the Discovery Room for free!
The Exhibition will be open to view every weekend until 5th February 2017 :)

Dilophosaurus - pronounced dye-LO-fus-SAWR-us - was a 6m long carnivore which lived 196.5 to 183 million years ago.

It had two semi-circular crests on its head, which were most likely used for signalling and display! :)

A big WELL DONE to Tracey, who has won our #Elfie Competition and a Family VIP Experience!

Thank you to everyone who took part! We had SO many amazing entries - it looks like everyone definitely got into the Christmas spirit!

Keep an eye out for upcoming competitions on our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram pages...
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Keepers have been involved in the annual audit at the Park!
They've been out with pens, clipboards, binoculars and even magnifying glasses, to tally up every creature, big and small!

For the elephant keepers this is an easy task, but for the keepers in the Discovery Trail it can be very time consuming, as they have to account for all the invertebrates including the ants,...
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Time to renew your Safari Annual Pass?
Good news! You can renew your Annual Passes at a discounted rate for 2017!
Enjoy another 12 months unlimited admission* or include rides with our Annual Pass PLUS!

Visit for prices and how to purchase.

* Discounts during Firework Festival for ride wristbands only – admission fees still apply. Upgrade fees apply to see Santa.

We are pleased to see the development which we hope will help Sutton’s cousins in the wild!
Following a resolution at the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (Cites) in South Africa in October, China has announced a ban on all ivory trade by the end of 2017. This could be very positive news for elephant conservation, since it is estimated that...
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