The media couldn't stop reporting on the fact that FBI Director James Comey's Monday testimony before the House Intelligence Committee.

However, what they DIDN'T report on was this ticking time bomb he handed the Democrats at the very end of the hearing.

Dems in Trouble as Comey Hands Them Ticking Time Bomb at End of Hearing
North Korea is at it again, firing another missile to intimidate America and its allies. However, seconds after the launch, all hell broke loose...

Lil' Kim isn't going to like this...

LAUNCH: North Korea Fires Missile, Seconds Later All Hell Breaks Loose
The LGBT movement's latest string of victories may be coming to a sudden end. There's 1 issue that could really derail them, and it could hinder their progress like they never expected...

LGBT Movement May Be Celebrating, But There's 1 Stunning Obstacle That May Halt Everything
Charles Krauthammer just pointed out something about Donald Trump that might come as a big surprise to some...

WATCH: Krauthammer Stuns With Shock 2 Word Announcement About What Trump Has Done
This is going to be a MAJOR obstacle for one of Donald Trump's most important policies.

Do you think Trump will be successful in building the wall?

Just In: Trump Gets Slapped With Terrible News About His Border Wall
Even opponents of Neil Gorsuch couldn't help bursting out in laughter, and all it took was this 1 surprising word. This is bound to get Trump's attention, and you'll see why instantly...

Watch: Gorsuch Slips At Hearing, Says 1 Word That Has Entire Room Erupting With Laughter
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Donald Trump Jr. just couldn't stay silent after today's horrific terror attack. He's not mincing words, and this is sure to ignite a firestorm...

Donald Trump Jr. Obliterates London Mayor After Horrifying London Terror - Here's Why
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The elderly man was wearing his veteran hat and appeared confused. Another lady offered to help him but had no luck.

That's when the cashier stunned everyone with six words.

Elderly Man Can't Buy Groceries. That's When Cashier Says 6 Words That Are Going VIRAL
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One of the biggest names in daytime television just died...

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends.

BREAKING: Legendary Game Show Host Just Passed Away
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