No wonder Donald J. Trump's first Facebook post as president just went mega-viral.

This is the EXACT opposite of everything Obama stood for.

It's a new day, America!

YUGE: Trump's First FB Post as President Got 150k Likes, 15k Shares in Only 30 MINUTES
Certain members of the liberal mainstream media immediately reacted to the inauguration. This is definitely going to grab Donald Trump's attention...

Right After Trump Becomes President LOOK What Lib Media Instantly Does To Him
Ouch. Hillary Clinton thought she was making peace. But what happened next is going to send chills down her spine...

Right After Shaking Repub's Hand, Hillary Immediately Gets Slapped With BRUTAL News
Barack Obama handed down his final act as president, and it's just as sickening as you would think it would be. This is the perfect summation of his presidency....

And Democrats wonder why they got voted out of the White House?

Obama's UNPRECEDENTED Final Act as President Is Just Sickening
George W. Bush just grabbed a lot of attention with what he was doing during the inauguration. Nobody could ignore this...

LOOK: What George W. Bush Was Spotted Doing During Trump's Speech Instantly Gets Attention
Nobody expected to see this NFL legend at the inauguration. This is definitely going to grab Donald Trump's attention...

NFL Legend Caught On Camera At Trump Inauguration - Stuns Fans In Attendance
Donald Trump's family is now front and center. When people saw what Barron was doing while his father was getting to work, everybody realized what the new first family is all about...

LOOK: As Trump Gets To Work, What Barron Was Doing Behind His Back Says Everything About First Family
As soon as people noticed this, it became clear what the Democrats were trying to do. This is raising more than a few eyebrows...

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Donald Trump dropped a lot of jaws with what he just did to Hillary. Nobody saw this coming...

As Inauguration Event Ends, Trump Does Something To Hillary Nobody Expected... Wow
When Melania Trump handed Michelle Obama a parting gift, everybody instantly noticed what Michelle did. This has grabbed a lot of attention...

What Michelle Obama Does Right After Melania Hands Her A Gift Instantly Grabs People's Attention
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yesterday at 23:56. Facebook
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yesterday at 23:20. Facebook
Something immediately disappeared moments after Donald J. Trump became president, and it's turning heads...

MINUTES After Trump Inaugurated, Everyone Noticed When THIS Went Missing…
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yesterday at 23:10. Facebook
Wow... if this isn't a sign about how Donald J. Trump's going to handle liberals, I don't know what is.

You know they're terrified after seeing this completely deleted from the White House website.

Trump Takes Office, Immediately 1 Term Deleted Across Entire White House Website
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yesterday at 22:50. Facebook
Wow. Everyone's talking about Kellyanne Conway's Inauguration Day outfit, and it's easy to see why...

LOOK: Kellyanne Conway's Unusual Outfit Sets The Internet On Fire Right Before Trump Is Sworn In
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yesterday at 22:10. Facebook
While Donald J. Trump was giving his very first speech as president, people couldn't help but notice what Obama was doing behind him...

LOOK: Everyone Notices 1 Detail About Obama During Trump's Inauguration Speech
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yesterday at 21:30. Facebook
Donald Trump got to work IMMEDIATELY after becoming president. He knew what he had to do, and his first presidential act makes perfect sense...

JUST IN: Trump Grabs His Pen For First Act As President... It's Really Happening
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yesterday at 20:50. Facebook
Donald J. Trump is now the 45th president of the United States. His inaugural address contained something important that many people missed...

Something Hidden In Trump's Inauguration Address May Reveal A Lot About His Presidency
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yesterday at 20:30. Facebook
Wow, a camera was quietly filming Donald J. Trump during Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA" and what it caught could be called "unusual."

But we think this is the best thing we could have seen.

Obama would be horrified...

VIDEO: Camera Catches "Unusual" Thing Trump Did During "God Bless the USA"... But We Love It
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yesterday at 20:10. Facebook
Ivanka Trump invited an unexpected guest to her father's inauguration weekend, and it's definitely getting a lot of attention...

LOOK: Ivanka Invites Surprise Guest To Inauguration... Raises More Than A Few Eyebrows