It’s the big day in the Big Easy. New Orleans- are you ready for #MardiGras? How are you celebrating? #WULegacy
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Do something new today! Big or small it doesn't matter. Breaking old habits paves the way for new adventures. #WUGameChanger
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Come on, live a little ;) Double chocolate cookie filled with chocolate and chocolate bits. #SweetSweet #CheatDay #WUNomNom
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Away from home? Yeah, we've been there. Cure homesickness with these tips!

How to Beat the Homesick Blues
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Good vibes for #FeelGoodFriday- what do you have planned this weekend? #WUInspiration
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Carnival time in Brazil - and around the world! Show us your #carnivalsquad in the comments! #WUWanderlust
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If you could choose one country to move to right now, what would it be? #WUOneWorld
Traveling to Europe in the winter may not offer too many sunny days but there is one big advantage: Avoiding the crowds! What's been your favorite European city to visit? #WUWanderlust
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Have you ever tried jiaozi? (You should). #WUNomNom
Surfing is not just a sport, it's an attitude. And a great opportunity to escape the winter! How are you staying active this season? #WUFeelGood
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New in town? Trying to make new friends? Read on to learn to learn how you can start making friendships in your new city :)

8 Ways to Meet Fellow Expats Abroad
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#AlwaysOn. NOT. Use Google Maps offline by typing “OK Maps” and the visible area will save for future use. Have fun out there! #TravelHacks #WUSmart
Home is where your food is. The kitchen really IS the <3 of the whole house. #WUNomNom
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Sea otters are so good at finding food that they spend most of their time playing together! <3 #WUEarth #WorkHardPlayHard
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Close your eyes for 5 minutes and imagine your feet in the water. How does it feel? <3 #WinterBreak #WUWanderlust
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Every action counts. How about making a good one for the planet today? #SelflessSunday #WUEarth
If you could give your younger you some wise advice, what would it be? Tell us in the comments! #WUInspiration
#NewTrend: People naming their little ones after popular Instagram filters. Would you name your child “Clarendon” or “Lark”? #WUAlwaysOn
G'day Aussies! Give us a #WinterBreak and tell us - what's best about #Australia this time of year? Make us jealous in the comments! #WUWanderlust