Westfield FFA Cup
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Action from the opening round in Northern NSW.


Westfield FFA Cup
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Westfield FFA Cup
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Westfield FFA Cup
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Westfield FFA Cup
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Quality from the guys at Football Federation Victoria! Get around it!
On for young and old! Highlights from the Cup tie between Caboolture and the Centenary Stormers courtesy of Football Brisbane. #MagicOfTheCup
The Westfield FFA Cup returns to Victoria this weekend! FFV TV will have the ???? at Falcons 2000 Soccer Club Inc. v Ballarat North United Soccer Club - watch out for the highlights!

See all the #FFACup Football Federation Victoria Qualifying Round 1 fixtures in the SportsTG section of

The first match of 2017 has been run and won. More Cup ties to come this weekend in Queensland and Football Federation Victoria.
The Westfield FFA Cup 2017 kicks off tonight as the thrill and excitement of Australia’s national knockout competition continues to grow around the country.

Westfield FFA Cup 2017 begins tonight!

Voting has closed and the votes have been tallied. The winning colour scheme for the new Westfield FFA Cup 2017 Mitre® ball is...

Colours confirmed for 2017 ball

Drum roll please! The winning design of our #FFACupBall competition with 41% of the votes was the Red design. Thanks to everyone that got involved!
The final whistle on our #FFACupBall vote is about to be blown, LIKE, LOVE or WOW you’re favourite. Voting ends on Sunday at midnight!
We’ve done a quick tally of the votes so far! Get in quick if you want your vote to count, just LIKE, LOVE or WOW your favourite, voting ends on Sunday! #FFACupBall
The journey begins! A host of clubs in Victoria and Northern NSW discovered their opponents for the start of the Westfield FFA Cup Preliminary Rounds.

First Preliminary Round draws conducted

We’ve got too many balls in the air. Tell us your favourite so we can give the goalie a chance and get rid of a couple. #FFACupBall