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Sally Fallon Morell takes on the Diet Dictocrats from a new cod liver oil study to destroying herd immunity.

Caustic Commentary, Fall 2016
Did you know this little known fat is important for lasting weight loss and is usually overlooked in weight loss plans? via The Healthy Home Economist

Gamma Linolenic Acid: Most Overlooked Fat for Weight Loss | The Healthy Home Economist
Conventional western medicine focuses on the physical. But Dr. Kenneth Morehead explains how limited that approach can be. There is more to our bodies...and more to food than meets the eye! Food has energy that ascends and descends, and warms and cools.

Dr. Morehead, a licensed doctor of oriental medicine, covers a myriad of topics, in today's show. He looks at how specific foods affect our...
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Wise Traditions : #60 Energy, health & vitality
Trump puts skeptic RFK Jr in charge of new vaccine commission

Trump puts skeptic RFK Jr in charge of new vaccine commission
Children who drink full-fat milk end up slimmer than those on skimmed

Children who drink full-fat milk end up slimmer than those on skimmed
Wild supercows return to Europe

Wild supercows return to Europe
New Book from Sally Fallon Morell! Giveaway of 5 paperback books! Enter before January 27. Also, there is a pre-purchase incentive offered as well via our Amazon affiliation: [ Link ]

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Nourishing Fats: Why We Need Animal Fats for Health and Happiness
Attention Android users! Find Real Food is available for Android!

Find Real Food is the ultimate guide to healthy, real food grocery shopping.

With Find Real Food for Android you will:
- Take the guesswork out of buying the most natural, nutrient dense, healthy foods available
- Gain access to a winning list of 15,000 foods that have been meticulously researched and vetted according to...
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Wild rice is far more nutritious than brown or white rice (even grassfed beef). It isn't even technically a grain! What to look for and how to easily incorporate into your family's diet via The Healthy Home Economist

The Benefits of Eating Wild Rice instead of White or Brown
"One thing Tom had not figured out in those early lectures is just what causes the blood to accelerate in the venules and veins as it journeys back to the heart. Now Tom has an explanation—"

Human Heart, Cosmic Heart: New Book by Tom Cowan, MD - Nourishing Traditions
"Hostetler likely produced a majority of the raw camel milk consumed in this country. The cessation of his interstate shipments has left thousands of people scrambling for a new source of camel milk, notably parents of children with autism."

Casualties of the Raw Milk Ban - Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund
Safe flea control ideas for pets (+ video) from The Healthy Home Economist. Avoid those toxic drops with research showing pesticide residue shows up on hands for 4 weeks after application!

Safe Flea Control for Pets: No Drugs and No Pesticides (+ video)
Want the basics on this superfood?

For millennia, societies worldwide have used yeast to create nourishing foods through the practices of baking and brewing. Evidence from Egyptian ruins suggests that yeast has been an important part of the human diet for at least four thousand years. Archeologists digging in ancient sites in Northern Africa have uncovered grinding stones and baking chambers...
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Nutritional Yeast
How to use one of nature's most powerful antibiotics (anti-viral too unlike meds!) probably sitting right now in your spice drawer waiting to be unleashed! via The Healthy Home Economist

The Many Ways to Harness the Power of Garlic as a Natural Antibiotic | The Healthy Home Economist
One of our members is selling an author signed original copy in the 2nd printing (1940) of Dr. Weston A. Price's work, "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration: A Comparison of Primitive and Modern Diets and Their Effects".

Very cool! Let anyone know who might be interested!

Author Signed Nutrition and Physical Degeneration 1940 2nd Printing Weston Price | eBay
For decades, heart patients have been treated with stents, bypass procedures, low-fat diets, and drugs to lower their cholesterol. All of this is done to unclog blockages in the arteries, which is thought to be the cause of the heart attack. But what if blockages aren't actually the cause?

Dr. Tom Cowan brings some surprising data to light that poses that very question. He explains how the...
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Wise Traditions : #59 What causes heart attacks?
"So can we really blame sugar companies for seeking to rebut the contention of some nutrition researchers by commissioning other mainstream nutritionists to make the opposite case?"

Big Sugar’s Secret Ally? Nutritionists
Instead of using yeast for rise, these croissants use sourdough starter to create a tender, flakey croissant.

Sourdough Croissants
Why do you think this is so?

Read our article - Cavities and orthodontics are not inevitable. [ Link ]

NOW AVAILABLE, UPDATED AND IMPROVED! The new digital guide to simplify your real food grocery shopping and teach you about new WAP-approved foods.

Figuring out which food brands, farms, and ingredients to trust has always been a challenge. Designed as a natural extension to the Annual Shopping Guide booklet, Find Real Food can help both real food beginners and more...
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Weston A. Price Foundation