The only view to start your weekend with. Pic shared by @freina.sands. #wetnwildgc
Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast
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Get sucked into our favourite Tornado. Pic shared by @baileenguyen. #wetnwildgc
Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast
03/23/2017 at 04:30. Facebook
Twisted soft serve makes every ice cream lover an artist. Pic shared by sarah_27602. #wetnwildgc
Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast
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Making the Flowrider look easy! Pic shared by @chris____brown___. #wetnwildgc
Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast
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Wet'n'Wild Junior is the perfect spot for those water lovers who can't wait for those big kids slides. Pic shared by @taramareerowe. #wetnwildgc
Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast
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Who's ready to unleash their wildside? @wetnwildbuggy Pic shared by @lauren_kelly_hartwin. #wetnwildgc
Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast
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Was your weekend this epic? Pic shared by @chloe_flemingx. #wetnwildgc
Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast
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Ready, set, SPLASH! Pic shared by @angholland82. #wetnwildgc
#ThrowbackThursday to when the @1029hottomato crew took on the wildest new attraction in the park! #wetnwildgc
When you just need to know what you've gotten yourself into... Pic shared by @mellyyk. #wetnwildgc
Friends that float together, stay together. Pic shared by @minnajay95. #wetnwildgc
It's time to shred! Share your Flowrider pics below. Pic shared by @garry_mch. #wetnwildgc
Take on this mad'n'massive slide next time you're in park! Pic shared by @chisandmeplusz. #wetnwildgc
It's smiles all round at Wet'n'Wild Buggy. Pic shared by @fotomedia. #wetnwildgc
Peanut Butter Cup Frappe anyone? Available now at The Village Bean. Pic shared by @al.iceche.ung. #wetnwildgc
Nothing beats a day in the sun at Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast. Pic shared by @bradley.penrose97. #wetnwildgc
What goes up... Pic shared by @j_m_jimmy. #wetnwildgc
+ + ☀ = . Pic shared by @hope.mons. #wetnwildgc
Do you scream because you're nervous or because you're having the time of your life? Clip shared by @arlinda_oxo. #wetnwildgc
Watch out, it's the Tornado! Pic shared by @gc_themeparkgirl. #wetnwildgc