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Another Buffalo Ranch Chicken Strip Sandwich is always on the horizon.
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Celebrate National Puppy Day with your best friend at Whataburger.
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Join us for dinner and show your support for the community. During Oh Whatanight 20% of sales will go to Veterans Memorial HS Band Booster.

Veterans Band Fundraiser

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Jalapeño and Bacon go together like Whata and Burger.
Eating a Jalapeño Cheddar Biscuit is one way to avoid being pinched today.
No plans this Spring Break except to enjoy some poolside Whataburger.
Whataburger pies gone in under 3.14 bites.
Picking up those Spring Break essentials.
Mornings are nothing without the sweet taste of a Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit.
The results are in! Keaton Gray is the winner of the Buffalo Ranch Chicken Strip Sandwich Speed Read Contest clocking in at 4.5 seconds! Great job, Keaton!
Patty Melt Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich BFF lunch date
Whatachick’n Strips and Gravy are a Southern tradition.
Come out during our Oh Whatanight event and 20% of sales will go to Longoria Elementary.

Longoria Elementary Fundraiser

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This March, pick a sure winner.
Have to thank the employees at Whataburger who are among my All-Time Favorites.
Being greeted with Whataburger on your Southwest Airlines flight into Texas? Now that's how you celebrate Texas Independence Day!!
Can't get enough of the Buffalo Ranch Chicken Strip Sandwich? Enter to win free sandwiches for a month by saying "Buffalo Ranch Chicken Strip Sandwich" five times as fast as you can.

Speed Read Contest

When your fries hit the table it’s time to put the texts on hold.
Do Mardi Gras right with Whataburger.