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Looking for ways to introduce more seafood into YOUR family's diet in #2017? We can help! Our incredibly delicious dinner recipes using frozen hake couldn't be easier to make :-) #ThanksKnorr >>

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Pasta salads are so versatile because you can add YOUR own choice of gorgeous ingredients to create a superb summer meal for the family. What delicious #Knorr salad dressing would you drizzle over this Mediterranean Chicken Pasta Salad, W4D cooks? #BrightIdea #ThanksKnorr Here's the full recipe


500 g dried pasta shapes, such as penne or fusilli
4 litres water
1 tsp (5...
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A #HealthyEating plan includes plenty of fresh veggies, and we have DELICIOUS ideas for your family dinners, W4D friends (y) #ThanksKnorr >>

#BackToSchool Are YOU ready, Moms? Visit our 'Lovely Lunch Boxes' board on Pinterest for all the fresh inspiration you need :-) #ThanksMom #HealthyEating
Looking for light, bright ideas for the #weekend? We can help! Here are five FRESH ideas to kick-start your 2017 eating plan! #ThanksKnorr #HealthyEating (y) Get the recipes >

Do YOU <3 avo as much as we do? Make a #HealthyStart to 2017 by including more of this super-food in your eating plan. #BrightIdea: pile sliced avos on toast, add fresh herbs & black pepper, then drizzle with one of our divine #Knorr Salad Dressings (y) More avo recipes here >> [ Bit.ly Link ]
Our warmest wishes for a happy, healthy and delicious #NewYear, W4D friends :-) We look forward to bringing you more simple scrumptious family recipes in #2017 – with all the fabulous flavour YOU expect from #Knorr <3
(y) Our TOP TEN recipes of 2016! Which of these wonderful Knorr #recipes did YOU try this year, W4D friends? And which one was your favourite? #BestOfKnorr

1. Baked Macaroni and Cheese
2. Creamy Chicken and Mushroom Lasagne
3. Cheesy Potato and Tuna Bake
4. Lemon and Garlic Chicken Patties-
5. Chicken and Rice
6. Baked Bean Bolognaise
7. Easy Pepper Steak Pie
8. Traditional...
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How do YOU like your super watermelon? Try a cooling salad with refreshing mint and creamy feta cheese! Then add pungent olives to balance out the sweetness of the watermelon. It tastes as good as it sounds! :-) Click on the link for the #recipe:
#DayOfGoodwill Did you all enjoy a wonderful festive feast with family & friends? Here's an inspired idea for using left-over roast meat or chicken: whip up a gorgeously cheesy crustless quiche for brunch, lunch or dinner today :-) (y) Full #recipe and Chef's Tips below #ThanksKnorr


2 cups chopped cooked meat such as chicken, lamb, beef, turkey or gammon
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A very Merry Christmas to your family, friends and YOU, with <3 from Knorr and the W4D Team. #KnorrFestive
#ChristmasInAfrica If you're out of ideas for that special get-together on Sunday, we can help! :-) There's something MAGIC about Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere, right? Glorious sunny days, the happy laughter of kids, fresh litchis & watermelon, the scent of woodsmoke from the braai, and beloved friends & family coming together to share delicious home-made food. Take your pick of...
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Fancy this fabulous feast on your table this festive season? Head over to to collect YOUR coupons. And for a simply sensational finale to your meal, leave it to Gino Ginelli – you’re going to <3 the delicious new Strawberry Pavlova flavour (y) #KnorrFestive #WhatsForDessert Coupon details >

• Save R5 on #Knorr Cook-In-Bags at Spar and Checkers
• Get R4 off any #Knorr Pasta Sauces at Shoprite, Checkers & Pick n Pay
• R20 off a 1.4 litre Gino Ginelli Gelateria tub – click here for your...
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Just for fun: GUESS which two cookery questions our W4D fans ask us most often during the Festive Season? Look at the pictures for clues, post a comment, then scroll down to find the questions and the links to our expert answers :-) #KnorrFestive #ThanksKnorr



"How do I cook a turkey?"
Good question :-) We can help! Read our step-by-step article:


"How do I...
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Are YOU looking forward to delighting your guests with great food today? Here are eight easy & amazing festive snacks that will seriously impress friends & family! (y) Get your #KnorrFestive recipes >

Stress-free festive cooking! We want YOU to enjoy yourself at Christmas time, so we've drawn up a list of tips to help you get organised in the kitchen! Read on for expert advice :-) (y) #ThanksKnorr #KnorrFestive

The secret to producing a large, complicated meal, on time, is good planning and plenty of advance preparation. This way, you’ll be able to spend time at the table relaxing with...
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The high point of a festive feast is a delicious dessert, right? No need to stress! This year, surprise YOUR friends and family with new Gino Ginelli Gelateria ice cream - it's really that easy :-) <3 #ThanksMom #LoveIceCream #WhatsForDessert
What's YOUR favourite way of enjoying potatoes over the festive season? a) Crispy potato wedges b) Traditional roast potatoes c) Creamy mashed potatoes d) Tangy potato salad e) Potatoes baked in their jackets :-) Tell us in a comment, then scroll down for our super-easy #KnorrFestive #recipes :-)

Crispy potato wedges: bit.ly/KnorrPotatoWedges

Traditional roast potatoes:
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