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Cats show affection in many ways.

One example of this is through their eyes; if they blink slowly at you (perhaps purring), it shows they are relaxed. If they didn’t trust you they would lock their eyes on you to watch every move, which is why guests will often think your cat is staring at them as they look-on with a focused, unblinking gaze.

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Senior cats do slow down as they get older, but many will still have kitten-like moments. They still enjoy activities and playtime because it’s part of their curious nature. You might need to keep their games a little bit more gentle and go at your cat’s pace. Avoiding high jumps and fast turns as these could lead to stress and frustration.

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Have you noticed your cat hasn’t been doing an awful lot this summer?

Whilst their body temperatures are naturally higher than humans’, the heat can still make cats very lethargic as they try and cool down. Make sure they have plenty of shady spots to chill out in – and also that they have plenty of fresh drinking water available.

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Are you suspicious that your cat has selective hearing? They can sleep through all your calls but will somehow hear it when you go to the food cupboard?

Well they do! Cats may seem sound asleep but in the wild, they need to be able to react quickly to a threat or potential meal. That’s why sometimes only cues that their dinner is about to be served will get through.

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It’s cats’ independent natures that we admire, but that doesn't mean they can care for themselves!

If you're thinking about getting a cat and haven't had one before, they can be very rewarding and provide great companionship. However, it's worthwhile researching which breed matches your lifestyle.

You can use our cat breed page to see which might be the most appropriate for your lifestyle:...
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Even the most mature cats can behave like kittens every now and then. It’s a mad few minutes that would be a waste of energy in the wild (and would also give away their location to predators and prey) but in the home, food is readily available and there are no predators… so why not!

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If you’ve already got a cat and you’re planning to introduce another, it can be a stressful time. For you and your cats.

If it’s an option, you can start to introduce the new cat’s scent to your home early through their favourite bedding or toys. This will help give a heads-up to your current cat.

When it comes to the first meeting, you can ease the tension by holding playtime on neutral...
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Does your cat like to ‘make biscuits’ on your lap? This kneading is perfectly normal and is actually quite the compliment. It goes back to their time as a kitten, and it’s what they would do to get milk from their mother.

It shows they are very comfortable and happy in their surroundings. But you might want to use a sheet or towel in between them and your legs if the claws get too much.
Does your cat sometimes startle when you come in, and seem to not recognise you?

Cats’ eyesight from far is a little blurry, so without hearing you (or smelling you) – they might not even know it’s you. You can reassure them there’s nothing to worry about by saying their name and letting them have a sniff.
Most cats like to climb. It’s in their DNA to scale trees (or bookcases!) to get to safety, and survey their world.

However some cats might need a little encouragement. You can give them a workout – but also nurture a mentally healthy cat – by hiding treats around the house, placing some in high-up spots. Just don't put them anywhere that your cat will hurt themselves getting to!

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