Bonne fête des Mères à toutes
les mamans d'un chat!
Isabelle Meissan
Happy Mother's Day to all of cat moms!
Cindy Starr
Karen Pedersen
Whiskas® celebrates and nurtures your cat’s natural curiosity.

Watch how our Whiskas® Tabby becomes spellbound by the elusive temptation of the trickling instrument.

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Meet SADIE the 2017 Whiskas® Cat of the Month for MAY!

If you would like the chance to have your photogenic cat featured in the 2018 WHISKAS®Cat Calendar, please post the best photo in the comments along with your cat's name.

We are posting for entrees the 1st of every month, so keep trying each month and share the sweetest picture of your
dear kitty!
Meet SADIE the 2017 Whiskas® Cat of the Month for MAY
Lisa Lynch
Beverly Barker
Crystal Burdes
Today is Hairball Awareness Day! The formation of hairballs is a common feline condition that is brought on by self-grooming and the associated ingestion of hair. Regularly grooming your cat combined with Hairball Control food can help prevent hairballs.

Try our Whiskas(R) Dry Hairball food designed specifically
to help your kitty with hairballs!
Pam Moerbeek
Lindsay Day
Judi Phillips
C'est aujourd'hui la journée de la sensibilisation aux boules de poils! La formation de boules de poils est un phénomène courant chez les chats. En se nettoyant avec leur langue, ceux-ci en viennent à avaler leurs poils. Pour contribuer à prévenir les boules de poils, brossez régulièrement votre chat et offrez-lui une nourriture conçue pour le contrôle des boules de poils.
Josee Bolduc
Marie St-Laurent
Avis aux amoureux des chats! Visitez le site pour courir la chance de gagner 1 des 3 transformations de maison d’une valeur de 10 000 $ simplement en achetant pour 20 $ de produits pour chats IAMS(MD), TEMPTATIONS(MD) ou WHISKAS(MD) et en téléchargeant une photo de votre reçu! Si vous croyez qu’où se trouve le chat, là est la maison, alors rendez-vous sur le site et suivez les directives –...
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Katherine Chantigny Boucher
Elizabeth Cobb
Linda Goulet
Cat lovers unite! Visit for your chance to win 1 of 3 $10,000 Home Makeovers by simply purchasing $20 of any IAMS® Cat, TEMPTATIONS® or WHISKAS® products and uploading a picture of your receipt! If home is where the cat is for you, then check out the site, follow the instructions, and you could be a winner! :)
Leslie Craig-Betty
Trena Read-Carson
Vicki Lea
An esteemed and prestigious institute of feline education where kittens learn all they need to know about kitten care to develop into cats. With a broad and wide-ranging curriculum, Kitten Kollege believes in nurturing kittens’ natural curiosity and enriching their minds.
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Diahann Carroll
Today is Easter Sunday! We invite you to share photos of your cats and kittens in a festive mood!
Kylee Bakowski
Kylee Bakowski
Frederick MacKay
Joyeuses Pâques! Nous vous invitons à partager des photos de vos chats et chatons dans une ambiance festive!
Frostie the Cool Cat
Jo-Anne Christine Pfoh
April Fools - but this is no joke!
Meet Sushi the 2017 Whiskas Cat of the Month for April !

April is Tabby Cat Month, that means if you have a TABBY, please post a picture along with your cat's name!

The winner will announced officially on April 30th, National Tabby Cat Day and will also be featured in the WHISKAS(R) 2018 calendar.
April Fools but this is no joke Meet Sushi the 2017 Whiskas
Donna Maroulis
Vanessa Billard
Offrez à votre chat toutes les protéines dont il a besoin pour nourrir son esprit curieux avec la nouvelle nourriture Whiskas(MD) à saveur de bœuf.
Isabelle Garneau
Dominique Christian
Christine Wonnick
Give your cat all of the protein they need to fuel their curious spirit with NEW WHISKAS® Beef flavour.
April M Beales
Jamie Skrillz Nabess
Christine Wonnick
Happy Birthday to a very cat chic lady, Elizabeth Taylor!
Happy Birthday to a very cat chic lady Elizabeth Taylor
La boisson WHISKAS(MD) Cat Milk est facile à digérer, délicieuse et remplie de calcium et de protéines. Nous lui levons notre verre!
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Jennifer Bense
WHISKAS® Cat Milk is easy to digest, tastes great and full of calcium and protein – cheers to that!
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Cody Camara
Virginia Reemeyer
Diane Fontaine
Happy Family Day everyone!
“It’s not about the quantity of people in your life it’s about the quality”… unless your life is filled with cats! LOL

- quote from Paul J. Alessi
Happy Family Day everyone Its not about the quantity of people in
Pat Dudman
PetSmart Charities works with animal welfare organizations across North America to host pet adoption events within PetSmart stores. The first event of 2017 runs from February 17-19 at your local PetSmart store – find unconditional love and inspire others to adopt their best friend by sharing your adoption story on social media using #iadopted.
PetSmart Charities works with animal welfare organizations across North America to host