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Kittens are curious, they like to explore and are interested in everything new. By feeding Whiskas® wet and dry kitten food, you can offer variety to your kitten in the different textures.
Whiskas South Africa
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Maintain your kittens power and help them grow by feeding them WHISKAS® 2-12 months. Congratulations to Jacolien Rheeder for this cute caption.
Whiskas South Africa
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Let's commemorate Human Rights Day by simply getting along with others. (Thanks to Abeer Wasim for this apt photo.)
We know all cats begin to learn through exploring. That's why WHISKAS® has the nutrients they naturally need to feed their adventurous spirit.
Kittens come into our lives filled with love. Write a caption for this picture of Levi (sent in by Michelle Marie Selipsky) and react to your favourites. Receive the most positive reactions and you could be our Caption This winner next week!
Your kitten is growing every day. That's why WHISKAS® 2-12 months has the right amount of calcium and phosphorous to support growing bones and developing joints, and is packed with energy to help them pounce and jump. And don't forget those all-important vitamins and minerals they need to keep them in tip-top health.
Answer your kitty's prayers with a delicious Whiskas meal! Thank you and congratulations to Ricky Wilson for this winning caption! Keep a lookout for our upcoming caption this competition and you could be our next winner!
It's important to monitor your cat's weight & adjust their food to keep it at a healthy weight. WHISKAS® is specially formulated to keep your cat sleek and healthy.
Because your cats nutritional needs will change throughout their life, the WHISKAS® range offers delicious meals specially formulated to give your cat the diet they need, at the specific age they need it. Our range includes 2 to 12 months old, one year plus, and seven years plus for slightly older cats.
Our WHISKAS® Meow of the Month for March is Katryn. To see your cat on our cover image, just send us a (good quality) picture of your feline friend and we'll do the rest. (Thank you to Nadia Bekker for this beautiful photo, Katryn looks lovely!)
Emily and Mittens are thick as thieves, but how would you caption this picture sent to us by Sonya Moore Smith? The caption with the most positive reactions will win a prize. The winner will be announced next Wednesday, so get liking!
WHISKAS® has the nutrients cats naturally need to feed their adventurous spirit.
Tuna has never tasted quite so good. WHISKAS® provides your cat with everything they need: an optimal amount of nutrition for a long and happy life, balanced minerals to support a healthy urinary tract and zinc to help ensure a healthy skin & coat.
Quinton Flemming knows what cats want. Nurture their nature with WHISKAS®
Try WHISKAS® new best ever recipe. Your cat will love it more than ever!
WHISKAS® wet food is lower in calories and, as senior pets slow down, their energy requirement also decreases.
Our final WHISKAS® 7+ hamper winner is fluffy, cuddly Simba. Congratulations to Niekie Bushby and thank you to everyone for sharing such beautiful photos. It has really been amazing to meet all of your fur babies!

Remember that your cat needs balanced nutrition to grow strong and healthy. Nurture their nature with WHISKAS®.
Remember the days when your 7+ cat was still a young kitty? Show us how much your cat has matured and you could win with the new generation Whiskas® Pouch. Simply send us one throwback and one current picture of your 7+ cat, and you could win a Whiskas® hamper if you’re chosen as a winner. If you've entered our Growing Great Cats competition before, and didn't win, you can use the same...
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There’s no snooze button on a cat who wants WHISKAS® - Write a caption for this photo of Charlie Bear, and we'll announce the best one next week! (Thank you to Michel de Beer for this photo)
You guys really made it hard for us to choose a winner this week! We received so many awesome entries, but we had to choose one… and… last week’s WHISKAS® 1+ food hamper is Charlie Hunter. Apparently he’s got quite the appetite and is a sucker for cuddles. Congrats Tiffany Niepage.

Remember that your cat needs balanced nutrition for every life stage to grow strong and healthy. Look out for...
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