Happy International Day of Happiness! Giant slides make us happy. What makes you happy?
Looks like there may be some leprechauns at WhiteWater World this #StPatricksDay!
Saturday looks to be another hot one! Who's coming by for a splash?
With sunny skies & scorching temps set to continue all weekend, raise your hand if you're planning a visit to WhiteWater World! ✋

Video thanks to @sandybee_
Who's ready for the weekend?!

Photo thanks to @annejuliaaa
Let your troubles float away this #humpday

from @mikinleyrose
Nothing better than a frozen Sunkist while you get sun-kissed at WhiteWater World

from @annabannah
Dreaming of blue skies and chill vibes? You're not alone! Join us at the Cave of Waves this weekend and feel the weekday woes wash away

from @__little_bean__
The best way to look at #humpday? Like the top of a slide! Before you know it you're flying though the rest of the week and splashing down into the weekend!

from The Adventurous Mummy
#Mondayitis? Never heard of it!

from @ss_ontheroad
WhiteWater World is gearing up for another great weekend of Summer sun & splashes! Who are we gonna see here!? ☀

Remember this weekend is the last weekend of our extended hours so make the most of them! As of Monday the 16th WhiteWater World will operate from 10am to 5pm

And thanks to @chmurzynski for the cute photo!
#Humpday has nothing on The Green Room! Make sure you make the most of the last few days of our extended opening hours before they finish on the 15th of Jan!

Thanks to @carlymelissamoore for the photo! Looks like you had an awesome time!
How do you look and cool at the same time? Perfectly timed photos at WhiteWater World, that's how

Thanks to @jadekevinfoster for showing us how it's done!
Fun fact: The Green Room is technically not a 'room' but actually a 15m high funnel that up to 4 riders can tube through after picking up speed from a 75m launch tunnel. #themoreyouknow
The best thing about coming first on the B.R.O racer?

The opportunity to say "Too slow bro" to everyone behind you ;)

Trust us, they'll all love the pun.
With the holiday season behind us here's something special to help with the back to work woes!

On sale 'til the 15th of Jan, make the most of our extended hours and get entry to Dreamworld & WhiteWater World from only $45 after 4pm with a choice of a meal combo or buffet dinner! Perfect for a night out after a day in the office

Get yours from bit.ly/dreamworldtickets & tag a mate you...
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First day of 2017 & you know what that means! Time for New Years Resolutions Take a peek at the list Kenny is working on

Did you finish last years goals? Are you extending them through to 2017? Maybe you have something new in mind for the new year! Let us know below!
So long 2016! After all the splashes & slide you can handle, but before it's bedtime and you wake up in 2017 make sure you end the year in style with a trip to another dimension watching The Fire Machine spectacular!
It's been a big year, make sure you take the time to chill out in the Cave of Waves before you take on 2017!

Thanks to @elma_spooner for the photo! Hope you had an awesome time with us!
What's better than one vortex?


What's better than two vortices?

You guessed it, three.

And where can you find them?

That's right, the Triple Vortex - the ride that meets all your vortex needs ;)