Hello Chocolate Lovers. Introducing 4 divine creations from our Artisan collection! :)
Happy New Year Chocolate Lovers! :)
Merry Christmas Chocolate Lovers :)
Two-tone chocolate bavarois with fresh strawberries! What are you making for Christmas?
Hello Chocolate Lovers. The original. Crunchy peanuts in our delicious chocolate. Yum :)
Hello Chocolate Lovers. Our Creamy Milk chocolate is delicious in cookies. Yum! :)
Our Chocolate Lover Olivia has made this decadent Dark Almond mousse. Yum :)
Hello Almond Gold Lovers. Here's something you'll love. Freshly roasted almonds in 62% dark chocolate :)
Hello Chocolate Lovers. Our Peanut Butter Block makes the most delicious brownies. :)
Have a cracking Guy Fawkes Chocolate Lovers :)
Hello Chocolate Lovers. Which 12 friends would you share our delicious Peppermint Mini Slabs with? :)
4 delicious reasons to keep on sharing :)
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With 12 in a pack there’s always enough to share around :)
Open a pack of Almond Gold Mini Slabs. Because any friend of yours deserves the very best :)
Our Chocolate Lover Megan has made this delicious Classic Chocolate Cake :)