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02/21/2017 at 04:10. Facebook
A little something for Tree Climbing Tuesdays. Now back to work.
Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. #happyvalentinesday
Always wanted to work for a toilet paper company? Great! Because we're looking for a senior graphic designer and project manager. Spread the news and make someone's #careergoals come true! [ Whogivesacrap.org Link ]
Being in the bottom business, we get asked about flushable wipes a lot, so here are our thoughts. A lot of disposable wipes are bad for the environment and clog your drains. Plus, they make us think of adult babies which makes us feel weird. So instead of wipes, use good old recycled toilet paper. Or if you're feeling fancy, a bidet!
We’ve been feeling pretty crappy with everything going on across the pond right now. And like us, you might feel like you want to do something. We want all refugees to feel welcome, and one amazing organisation that works hard to make that happen is Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC). So we’ve just donated $10,000 (on top of our regular donations) to help them provide much needed services...
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Move over Peppa Pig, there's a new favourite in town. #womensweeklybirthdaycakebookeatyourheartout

Thanks for the amazing pic Tania R!
We want people to stop wiping their bums with trees. And we're getting there! So far, by making products the way we do, we've saved 30,797 of 'em.
Let's settle this once and for all...

image by Stephanie J. Young
There's no better way to wrap up the year with a dachshund in a bow tie. And that friends, pretty much sums up 2016. Thanks to you, your bums and your mums (hey, it rhymes) for all the support this year. Thanks for the pic Pablo The Mini Dachshund
You might have thought we were done with Christmas based puns, but you were so wrong. Have a cracker of a Christmas everyone!

Bellroy team – Christmas crappers and thanks for making our puns look
Oh Olivia, there just aren't enough emojis to describe you

Cat W – thanks for the warm fuzzies.
It's one small step for pie
Cracker of an idea from 1 Million Women. Thank you, we'll be here all week
There's no better way to start the week than watching tap dancing noses.
Has your bum been naughty or nice this year? Treat it and yo'self by going into the draw to WIN some super soft loo roll and a bathroom pack from our buddies at Thankyou. To enter, post the emoji that best represents “JOY TO YOUR BUM". Here's some inspiration

Entries open to Australian residents only and close 12pm AEDT Friday 2nd December, 2016. One winner will be drawn from entries across...
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We're almost out of our Christmas limited edition! Get in quick, otherwise your bottom will be very sad. Like really wanting a trampoline but getting a maths 'game' instead kind of sad. bit.ly/TP4XMAS
Zese Christmas French hens are tres magnifique. Oh la la, buy zem 'ere bit.ly/TP4XMAS
No other invention has saved more lives than a toilet. So to celebrate our favourite day of the year, we're getting romantic. Really romantic. #worldtoiletday #youcompleteme #theysayromanceisdead
Yo – our 48 double length rolls work out to be 25 cents per 100 sheets, cheaper than most of the competition...and mic drop.