Thrillifying news! In case you missed it, Wizard of Oz - The Musical have announced that Lucy Durack & Jemma Rix will be back in the Emerald City this November. And they’re a little bit excited to be working together again Waitlist now: [ Link ] #WizardOfOzAU #WickedInOz
Emma Hughes
Samantha Pepin
Gillian Bakker
Maddison Eleison
Erin Geddes
Amanda Stacey
We mean no disrespectation, but if you don’t have tickets to the Rob Guest Endowment Grand Final Concert, what are you waiting for? Our beloved original Glinda, Lucy Durack, is hosting the show with our first Nessarose & Home and Away star Penny McNamee Official. With performances from The Bodyguard Musical’s Paulini, Aladdin - The Musical & Dream Lover - Musical, it’s sure to be the most...
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We mean no disrespectation but if you dont have tickets to the
Doug Livingstone
Fraser McEachern
Jessica Therese
Fellow Ozians: Happy WICKED DAY! Congratulotions to our Broadway friends WICKED The Musical who are still as Popular as ever after 13 years! We encouragerize you to celebrate this special occasion by tagging your wickedest friends #WickedInOz #WickedDay
Fellow Ozians Happy WICKED DAY Congratulotions to our Broadway friends WICKED The
Viv Maloney
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MsLisa Sparrow
Sweet Oz! Our friends at Wicked UK including current West End Glinda, our own Suzie Mathers, are celebrating their 10th birthday today. Let us rejoicify and join in their festivations by posting messages of support as they celebrate this milestone! #Wicked10
Sweet Oz Our friends at Wicked UK including current West End Glinda
Radha Patel
Tina Saamu
Rohan Loos
Suzie Mathers has been Galindafied all over again! Rejoicify with us as she heads into her first thrillifying weekend of shows in Wicked UK #WickedInOz #Wicked10
Catie Johnston
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You should be out festivating! It's #FriendshipDay! #WickedinOz #PinkGoesGoodWithGreen
You should be out festivating It's FriendshipDay WickedinOz PinkGoesGoodWithGreen
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Rejoicify! After years of speculation, we finally have some more official details about the Wicked movie. Stephen Schwartz revealed at San Diego Comic-Con that ...
Wicked The Musical Australia and NZ 07/21/2016

Thank Goodness! Stephen Schwartz Reveals Wicked Movie Details
Adrian Cummiskey
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Sheridan Blades
Rejoicify! Your favourite Wicked stars – Helen Dallimore, Lucy Durack, Amanda Harrison and Jemma Rix – are joining the Sydney Symphony Orchestra at the most swankified place in town, the Sydney Opera House on 15 & 16 July, for a night of Wicked & Broadway classics. Ozians SAVE $20 on premium and A-reserve seats for 24 hours ONLY! [ Link ]
Rejoicify Your favourite Wicked stars Helen Dallimore Lucy Durack Amanda Harrison and
Joshua Millen
Jon Bergan
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GOOD NEWS OZIANS… Suzie Mathers will be flying into London on her bubble to play Glinda for the 10th anniversary season of Wicked UK!
Post your messages of CONGRATULOTIONS to Suzie here & watch this space for more WITCHY news… coming soon!
GOOD NEWS OZIANS Suzie Mathers will be flying into London on her
Ellen Goddard
Nikita Piepke
Karen Kivlenieks
Attention fellow Ozians! The wonderful (slightly less green than usual) Jemma Rix will be performing Heroes Live Forever at the 2015 Rob Guest Endowment Awards! Will you be joining us on Monday night? [ Link ]
Attention fellow Ozians The wonderful slightly less green than usual Jemma Rix
Melissa Madafiglio
Elle Poulos
Stephanie-Krystle Lilithia
GRATITUTIONS to all of the Ozians who have joined us on our WICKED journey over the past 10 years! It has been an absolute pleasure festivating and rejoicifying all over Australia, New Zealand and Asia with you! Our Oz-Some fans have made our journey truly special. #WICKEDinOz
GRATITUTIONS to all of the Ozians who have joined us on our
Wendy Kat Honi
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COMPETITION: "Where do you see Fiyero and Elphaba in 5 years time?" - Write your original answer below for a chance to WIN some WICKED prizes.
Closes 2.59pm 29 JUN 2015 Full T&C's: [ Link ]
COMPETITION Where do you see Fiyero and Elphaba in 5 years time
Carlie Sheehan
Lily Walker
Tracy Berghan
And the strange thing
Your life could end up changing
While you're dancing
#InternationalDanceDay #WickedInOz
And the strange thing Your life could end up changing While youre
Jon Bergan
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Tina Saamu
Happy Valentine's Day! #WickedInOz
We can't all come and go by bubble! But we can all celebrate one of Glinda's favourite days: #BubbleBathDay #WickedInOz
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Witching all the #WickedInOz fans a Merry Christmas!
Witching all the WickedInOz fans a Merry Christmas
Chris Andreani
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Selvi Prahardja
Alice Butts
Belinda Wilson
Tune in now to see #Wicked10 Elphaba, Rachel Tucker guide you round London's Apollo Victoria Theatre!
Sarah Jane
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Tune in now to WICKED The Musical's LIVE broadcast with former Sydney Elphaba Jennifer DiNoia at the Gershwin Theatre!