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The Vault 7 papers shed light on the CIA, its techniques, and its relationship with other agencies and the world of cybercrime. The revelations are troubling, but also offer insight into the serious problems facing security and privacy today.

Wikileaks’ ‘Vault 7’ proves Big Brother and criminal hackers use the same tricks
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Photo: protest in Yemen today

Background: [ Link ]
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Democratize or Die? #DiEM25 launches a "European New Deal"
03/26/2017 at 13:00. Facebook
Former CIA analyst Patrick G. Eddington discusses #Vault7, Trump and the history of the CIA

The CIA Listens to Free Thoughts
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From Russia--With Panic: 'Cyber war' from Georgia in 2008 to #DNC in 2016

From Russia, with Panic
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The CIA and other intelligence agencies should commit to responsibly disclosing vulnerabilities it discovers to the private sector so that security holes can be patched, writes Daniel Castro in Innovation Files.

Make America Secure Again: Trump Should Order U.S. Spy Agencies to Responsibly Disclose Cyber Vulnerabilities
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Hundreds of millions of everyday people are caught in the crosshairs of a dangerous, digital spying war – and they may not even know it.

Is Privacy Real? The CIA Is Jeopardizing America's Digital Security, Experts Warn
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CEPR: Media can't ignore financial scandal in Ecuador's presidential elections

Media can't ignore financial scandal in Ecuador's presidential election
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How obedient is MIT? Find out: nominate someone for the new MIT Disobedience Award (closes May 1)
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Roger Stone continues to troll media into increasing his profile by feeding false claims of contact with WikiLeaks.

Hardball political operative Roger Stone finds himself on the receiving end
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US reclassified files to hide Israel's involvement in Iran-Contra #CIA

U.S. reclassifies information in response to FOIA for Iran-Contra files
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Darkmatter+Triton can be remotely installed
CIA has 2016 version: DerStake2.0
EFI is not fixable "vulnerability"
[ Link ]

WikiLeaks - Vault 7: Projects
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References to CIA attacks on organizational supply chains in #Vault7 so far: [ Link ]


Glenn Greenwald: how the NSA tampers with US-made internet routers
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Kellyanne Conway is right. Microwaves can turn into cameras:
1. [ Link ]

Police now 'see' through walls and know if you're home
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After WikiLeaks #Vault7 Google At Home becomes super defensive and won't tell you directly what the CIA is

Okay Google, it is a week later. Do you know the C.I.A.?

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WikiLeaks' #Vault7 shows that the CIA has developed a huge range of attacks against iPhones since at least 2008.
[ Link ]

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This CIA logo as seen #Vault7 has a simple code in the image. Can you crack it? #yesyoucan
[ Link ]
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RELEASE: CIA #Vault7 "Dark Matter" [ Link ]
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Listen to our earlier press briefing here

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