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An unsourced article in The Economist states that in October 1920 a law prevented bakers from working before 4 a.m., making it impossible to make the traditional, round loaf of bread in time for customers' breakfasts. The slender baguette, the article claims, solved the problem, because it could be prepared and baked much more rapidly, though France had already had long thin breads for over a...
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Baguette - Wikipedia
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Naïve cynicism is the cognitive bias of expecting more egocentric bias in others than in oneself. This philosophy of mind has been studied across a wide range of contexts including: negotiations, group-membership, marriage, economics, government policy, and more.

Naïve cynicism - Wikipedia
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Eight of the 12 months of 2016 – from January through September, with the exception of June – were the hottest of those respective months on record. October, November and December of 2016 were the second hottest of those months on record – in all three cases, behind records set in 2015. NASA video. Read more: [ Link ]
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Few photos exist of Henrietta Lacks, and surprisingly little is known of her short life. Suddenly diagnosed with cancerous tumors, the unassuming tobacco farmer had two tissue samples unwittingly extracted from her body in 1951. Those samples would uncover the HeLa immortal cell line, one of the most important cell lines in the history of medical research. She died at age 31, having never...
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Sea ice surrounding Iceland extended for miles in every direction, and the nation's population fell by half. Armies marched on frozen rivers. Farmland was destroyed and peasants rioted for bread. Welcome to the Little Ice Age.

Little Ice Age - Wikipedia
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Born this day in 1888: Swedish nurse and philanthropist Elsa Brändström, the "Angel of Siberia." During World Wars I and II, she was dedicated to nursing soldiers back to health from both sides of conflict. She also raised funds for starving and shelterless women and children in need in Germany and the United States.

Elsa Brändström - Wikipedia
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The "damsel in distress" trope may have first become popular in ancient Greek mythology. While Greek myths featured competent goddesses, they often also featured many helpless maidens threatened with sacrifice. #WomensHistoryMonth

Damsel in distress - Wikipedia
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Barcelona has partnerships with several sister cities, including Montpellier, Dubai, Tel Aviv, and San Francisco. In recent times, town twinning has increasingly been used to form strategic international business links between member cities.

Barcelona - Wikipedia
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In January 2015, a new island of about 1 km diameter was purportedly created by a volcanic eruption, off the coast of Tonga. The newly formed island is situated about 65 kilometers (40 miles) northwest of Nukuʻalofa, Tonga's capital city.

Nukuʻalofa - Wikipedia
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A Serbian monk named Lazar built the first mechanical clock in Russia in 1404—one of the first in Europe—at the request of Vasily I of Moscow.

Lazar the Serb - Wikipedia
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When the Vrouwenhuis retirement home for women closed in 1984, owner and painter Aleida Greve's will stipulated that her sitting room with all of its paintings and furnishings had to remain intact, and this is the reason that this art collection with all of its curiosities still exists in its entirety as a "time capsule" of a lady's art gallery.

Vrouwenhuis - Wikipedia
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Between 1908 and 1940, Sears reportedly sold more than 70,000 homes in North America by catalog order. Shipped by railroad boxcar, and then usually trucked to a home site, the average "Sears Modern Home" kit had approximately 25 tons of materials, with over 30,000 parts.

Sears Catalog Home - Wikipedia
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"I think we each come out of the womb with some unique way of looking at the world and if we don't express it, we lose faith in ourselves." - American activist Gloria Steinem, born this day in 1934. #WomensHistoryMonth
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On this day in 1948: The first successful tornado forecast predicted that a tornado would strike Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma. The tornado caused $6 million in damage ($60 million in 2017 dollars.) However, due to precautions enacted because of the tornado forecast, no injuries were reported, and damage totals could have been much higher.

1948 Tinker Air Force Base tornadoes - Wikipedia
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In early Mesopotamian culture, kings were often regarded as deities after their death. Shulgi of Ur was among the first Mesopotamian rulers to declare himself to be divine. This was the direct precursor to the concept of "Divine Right of kings", as well as in the Egyptian and Roman religions.

Divine right of kings - Wikipedia
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On this day in 1995: Ward Cunningham released WikiWikiWeb, the world's first wiki, to the public. The software and website were developed in 1994 by Cunningham in order to make the exchange of ideas between programmers easier. "Wiki Wiki" is a reduplication of "wiki", a Hawaiian language word for Quick.

WikiWikiWeb - Wikipedia
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HMS Friday is an urban myth concerning a disastrous attempt by the Royal Navy to dispel the superstition against sailing on a Friday. While widely circulated, the story is in fact untrue; moreover, there was never even a ship named HMS Friday.

HMS Friday - Wikipedia
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On this day in 1900: Robert Anderson Van Wyck, mayor of New York City, broke ground for the new underground "Rapid Transit Railroad" that would link Manhattan and Brooklyn.

History of the New York City Subway - Wikipedia
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In 1983, Mónica Mayer co-founded Mexico's first feminist art collective, Polvo de Gallina Negra (Black Hen Powder). The work of Mayer and Maris Bustamante combined radical social criticism and humor, exemplified by the group’s name: “Black Hen Powder – to protect us from the patriarchal magic which makes women disappear.” Despite harsh opposition, Polvo de Gallina Negra combined performance...
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