South African truckers rescue 3 week old orphaned baby Elephant

Abandoned by her herd, a 3 week old baby elephant was found just in time by South African truckers on their way to Botswana.

The baby Elephant was found by Carlos Santos, Johan Groenewald and Pieter Roussow while en route to Nata in Botswana.

Nata is a village located in the northern part of the ‘Central District of Botswana’,...
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South African truckers rescue 3 week old orphaned baby Elephant
Happy Birthday to Botswana's President Ian Khama! The progressive and compassionate policy towards wildlife is highly commendable, along with no-tolerance towards poachers.

Botswana is resolute in opposing trophy hunting and captive breeding and calling for an end to the Ivory trade. Khama said in a press conference that it will continue to support photographic tourism as it is more...
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Have a wonderful week Wildlife Warriors...
We are half way to our goal to purchase the equipment needed to increase Security Measures urgently required to help make The Rhino Orphanage a safer place for our Rhino Babies and Human Caregivers. To help go to:
In the past couple of weeks, 3 massive pythons were caught only meters from where the carers have their meals. One python...
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Lots of Goodies with love from JP Leeuwner, Leeuwner & Midlands Veterinary Wholesalers to Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation for the medical treatment of the #WildBabies.
Thank you!

The European Commission is set to ban raw ivory exports to stem the ivory trade from 1 July, according to reports.

"We will not be able to protect elephants as long as this trade persists, remains legal, in one form or another," Liberal Democrat MEP Catherine Bearder, who proposes a total ban on the ivory trade, is quoted as saying by RFI.

The official data for 2016 is yet to be published,...
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EU hopes to save African wildlife with ban on raw ivory exports to stem illegal trade
Little Orphan Nandi, on her Morning walk at The Rhino Orphanage..

Thank you to all who donate to help with the babies care.
Wonderful News: Scimitar-horned oryx return to the Sahara nearly two decades after going extinct in the wild.

Conservationists are celebrating the successful reintroduction of an iconic antelope species, the scimitar-horned oryx, to a portion of its historical range on the edge of the Sahara desert after 14 captive-bred animals were released in a remote region of Chad.

This is the second...
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Heart warming and yet powerful image by Hilary O'Leary.

Innocence betrayed

This four-month-old black rhino calf was found dehydrated and lost in the African bush. Black rhinos are known to hide their young. Here, the evidence suggests that a white rhino bull came across the hidden calf, which then mistakenly followed the bull. The youngster is being raised as wild as possible, with minimal...
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The Full Story of the Brutal Attack on Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage.

Staff at a KwaZulu-Natal rhino orphanage are reeling in shock after a woman was sexually assaulted and two rhino killed in a horrific poaching-related incident this week.

In a brutal illustration of the severity of poaching‚ a heavily-armed gang hit the Findimvelo Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage – at the Thula Thula reserve in...
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Staff assaulted and rhino slaughtered in animal orphanage attack

In light of the recent tragic events at Thula Thula rhino orphanage in South Africa that was attacked by ruthless poachers, it is time for the SA Government to take responsibility and protect our wildlife heritage.

In the meantime, I guess we will continue trying to do the job for you!
Bonne de Bod interviewing Karen Trendler at Thula Thula Rhino orphanage that was attacked in the early hours of yesterday morning.
Equipment to increase Security Measures urgently required to help make The Rhino Orphanage a safer place for Rhino Orphans, Animals and Human Caregivers. To help go to:

With all the rains we have been blessed with, nature is rejoicing and the grass and trees are growing at an alarming rate.
In the past couple of weeks, 3 massive...
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WHWF is heartbroken to hear about the ruthless Poachers that Attacked "Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage" in SA, Rhinos Killed and Staff Beaten.

As if it wasn’t enough that poachers brutally kill adult rhinos, they have now stooped even lower… attacking a rhino orphanage in South Africa.
It is increasingly difficult for those who care and have been trying to fight the war against rhino poaching, to...
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Heartless Poachers Attack Rhino ORPHANAGE. Rhinos Killed. Staff Beaten. #StopTheMadness | SAPeople - Your Worldwide South African Community
It takes many dedicated individuals and organizations to come together, to support each other so we can do all that is possible to help save our precious wildlife from poaching.

It takes the Rangers in the reserves who work to protect wildlife, Rhino 911 Tactical air support who fly the injured victims of poaching to safety, The Wildlife Veterinarians who have to treat the wounded animals,...
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Some U.S. military surplus and field first aid kits we acquired to give out to the Rangers who protect our Wildlife.
Southern Africa’s Tour Operators Are Radically Rethinking Wild Animal Attractions.

A run of bad press and falling demand has forced segments of southern Africa’s safari industry to take a long, hard look at their offering. The result? A more hands-off approach that’s been a long-time coming.

Across southern Africa, tourism operators offering elephant-back rides and “walking with lions”...
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We Must Protect Them....