Wild Life Sydney Zoo
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Sometimes things that go bump in the night are not as scary as you think…how cute are these nocturnal Yellow-bellied gliders?
Wild Life Sydney Zoo
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Found in North-east Queensland, there are only an estimated 1,500 Cassowaries remaining in the wild.

We support Rainforest Rescue’s ‘Daintree Buy Back and Protect Forever’ programs which protects high conservation value rain forest and replants previously cleared areas of rainforest to create more habitable areas for animals like the cassowary.

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This is my best smile for International Day of Happiness
Have you flown over a Saltwater Crocodile yet?
Did you know that echidnas are egg-laying mammals, they're a monotreme, an order of egg-laying mammals found in Australia
Monday lunchtime after you had a weekend food blow out
Ever wanted to enjoy breakfast in the company of koalas? Now you can.

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Seeing it from a different angle - the arrival of our saltwater crocodile
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World Wildlife Day photography competition finalists

Blue steel #nailedit
Merlin Entertainments is proud to support equality no matter your background. Look out for our sister attraction Madame Tussauds Sydney's float at tomorrow's Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras #equality #marriageequality #loveislove #CreatingEquality #SydneyMardiGras
This is too good to not share!
Today is 'Love your pet day' - our keepers love all animals here at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo. Here is the story of our lovely keeper Justine and her gorgeous horse <3

Blind horse taught how to ride again by devoted owner

Just because Valentine's Day is over, doesn't mean the love has to stop! Check out how some of our animals celebrated the day! #valentinesday #love

Photo credit: James Morgan Photographic Consultancy
This is what lunch hour looks like at the zoo...

Come learn more about them at our Kangaroo Keeper Talk at 1.30pm and 3.30pm daily