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Go behind the scenes with Jess Cook on the making of our 'Crocodile Experience'.
Wild Life Sydney Zoo
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We are so excited to announce the launch of our new crocodile experience, there has never been a better time to visit!
Wild Life Sydney Zoo
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Happy 1st Birthday for yesterday Jarrah!
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Lazy Sundays? Koalas are lazy everyday as they need all their energy to digest their food.
Wild Life Sydney Zoo
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Check out the size difference between Ronny the scrub python and his 1 year old baby!

Video: Jess Cook
Valentine's Day is coming up around the corner - we think our unique dinner package is the BEST way to spoil your loved one!

Can you guess what’s coming soon to WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo?
Learn how we weigh our animals with Jess Cook
Sneak peak at our party animals on New Years Eve ;)
Happy 'Bird Day' from Zac the eclectus parrot
And after yesterday, Dot and Matilda kiss and make up ;)
A true sister battle!

Stay tuned tomorrow to see what happens next...
New Years... the morning after
How do our animals stay cool in the hot Australian climate? Our gorgeous lorikeets, sugar gliders and koalas made a special appearance for an article on staying cool in the heat. Thanks ABC News for the feature!

How native animals stay cool in summer
What a year it's been <3
Our Friends at Devil Ark need your HELP! This is a project making a real difference to save the endangered Tasmanian Devil. You can help support their Crowdfunding campaign by donating and sharing.

Our very own Topsy and Bub at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo have come from this special project and serve as ambassadors for the species!