"You know you're grown up when a nap is no longer a punishment, but a reward." ~ Tweety Bird.

Photo of Dakota by Edmund Snodgrass. Thanks, Ed! :)
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SENIOR SATURDAY ~ Ghost of our Westeros Pack isn't feeling well. We think our handsome wolf-dog is about 12 years old. His trip to the vet on Thursday revealed he has stage III kidney disease and a mass by his lung, but may be with us for another year. Leyton picked up a special mix of medications that we will add to his new kidney-friendly diet. Thank you all for helping us pamper our...
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FANGtastic FRIDAY ~ "Making the world better one smile at a time." ~ Smile Sonrisa S Dental.

Behind Luna's beautiful smile are buried a dozen lead pellets. One of her gentle eyes is mostly blind. This wolf-dog's wild spirit compelled her to escape from home repeatedly. Although she showed no aggression toward any person or animal, she sadly became the target of two worried dads who thought...
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THANKFUL THURSDAY ~ Your amazing support means the world to our rescues! Howling thanks to Lori, Ivolyn and all who sent donations to help Riot and our rescues fight against biting flies! The loving support of 28 folks also covered all of Flicker's bills! You make our spirits soar. Thank you all for being part of this good news story!
Photo of Riot by Madeline Harrington​.
Mid Week Wink

~ With wolf-dog, Zeus, by Paul Koch.
TWOfur TWOsday with mid-content wolf-dogs, Rain and Nimoy (right).

Photo by Megan Murphy.
OUCH! Our yearly epidemic of black flies is coming early this year! Biting flies can be unbearable to our rescues, often leaving their ears scarred like Riot's. Please help us beat the flies the natural way by helping us buy FLY PREDATORS. These very small stingless wasps eat fly larvae and keep the population in check! We fight the others with non-toxic FLY TRAPS from our wish list link...
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Your Monday morning Howl-A-Long with low-content wolf-dog Rayne. Hope your week ahead is full of songs and laughs!

Video Madeline Harrington, with volunteers Meghan O'Keefe and Megan Murphy.
RUN FREE BEAUTIFUL ~ We say a very emotional goodbye to our oldest rescue, Maki. Our beloved 15-year-old girl slipped away peacefully Friday afternoon. Thank you all for helping us give this deserving girl a beautiful place to live, the best care and food, and a handsome friend to share in the Golden Years, Nikki. We mourn his tremendous loss with him but take comfort knowing that Maki is now...
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Nimoy by Madeline Harrington.
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February 2017

Does this sister make my butt look big?

Juno and her sister, Goldie, by Crystal Castellanos.
TBT ~ Alice and her toothpick back in 2011.

Photo Allison Bailey.
THANKFUL THURSDAY ~ Our latest rescue, Flicker the wolf-dog, will be home at Wild Spirt this afternoon! Caring folks have already raised over 72% of her expenses. Every donation and share means the world to our rescues. Howling Thank You for being part of Flicker's good news story! [ Fundrazr.com Link ]

Help Save Flicker!

A NEW FRIEND IS ON HER WAY ~ Our adorable smiling rescue, Rayne the wolf-dog, may have a new friend soon! With vital help from Dr. Murphy and Jessica of Four Paws Animal Clinic, our Director, Leyton, successfully darted and captured a runaway wolf-dog in California on Tuesday. Thanks to Mary and her dogs and our own Steve, too!

We have raised 65% of our costs so far, thank you! Please share...
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OK we did it...
Thank you again to Dr. Murphy and Jessica for the help today in getting the drugs we needed to catch Flicker...SO helpful...!
PLEASE go and LIKE their facebook page Four Paws Animal Clinic
FLICKER NEEDS OUR HELP! We are in California to rescue a wolf-dog who is on the loose. Help us save her before it's too late. UPDATE - Flicker has Safely captured! Please help us cover the rest of our costs. Almost half way there!

Flicker was purchased by a loving person from a terrible place. Like most wolf-dogs, she retains her wild spirit and keeping her confined was a big...
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Help Save Flicker!

TWOfur TWOsday ~ Rescued wolf-dogs Jon Snow and Summer (right) of our Westeros pack. Last week, Summer was darted for tests and had his spine x-rayed with a portable machine. Thankfully, his spine looked fine but we're waiting for more test results. We're doing all we can to help our handsome boy feel better. Howls of thanks for your support!
Photo Madeline Harrington.
Your Monday morning Howl-A-Long with Nimoy and Rain. Make sure your voice is heard this week!

Video Madeline Harrington.
DARTED FOR X-RAYS ~ The drama continues for our Westeros Pack. Tuesday, we captured and moved Brienne after fighting with her sister, Arya. Today, in another habitat, their brother Summer was just successfully darted to have his back checked. Thank you, Dr. Gonzales, for bringing your portable x-ray machine! Thank you all for following along and helping with vet costs! [...
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