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Need a little hair of the turkey this morning? A Whiskey Collins will get you back on your feet in no time:

1 tsp sugar
60ml Wild Turkey Proof 86.6
2 tbs fresh lemon juice 60ml Chilled club soda
Lemon twist for garnish
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While everyone else is popping champagne, enjoy a bottle of Turkey with friends.
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Originally the Kentucky Mule had vodka in it and was called the Moscow Mule. The bourbon version came later. Cheers to evolution.

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No need to make a reservation. Don’t worry - all you need is Russell's Reserve. A festive drop perfectly suited for nights at home. #Christmas #RussellsReserve #TopShelf #WildTurkey #HowToTurkey
The festive season means there are plenty of social events on the calendar. Stand out from the crowd and wow your guests with the spicy Kentucky Devil bourbon cocktail.
For ingredients and inspiration visit [ Bit.ly Link ]

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No matter how much your Father in-law likes you, he still doesn’t like you as much as your Dad. So, get your dad the quality stuff from the Wild Turkey range and get your Father in-law some other stuff.

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No need to make a reservation. Don’t worry - all you need is Russell's Reserve. A festive drop perfectly suited for nights at home.
#Christmas #RussellsReserve #TopShelf #WildTurkey #HowToTurkey
This oldie but goodie won’t be around forever. Master's Keep Decades is an extremely limited release of only 10,000 bottles. Get one while you can from your nearest Dan Murphy’s Online, First Choice Liquor Online, Vintage Cellars online and select independent Retailers. RRP $200

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“I want to be part of telling the whole story, not just a character in it”.
– Matthew McConaughey, Wild Turkey Creative Director [ Bit.ly Link ]
“We’re not going to be for everybody, and that’s ok. If it’s for you, you’ll know”.
-Matthew McConaughey [ Bit.ly Link ]
The Limited Edition Master’s Keep Decades has the deep character of an older bourbon anchored by the vibrant backbone of a much younger one. We should all be so lucky. RRP $200

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Kentucky Spirit isn’t just a unique bottle. Each barrel has slightly different attributes, imparting diverse flavours and aromas, making every drop in the bottle unique too.
Available in a special edition gift box in Dan Murphy's and select Independent Retailers

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Don't. Just buy them our Limited Edition Master's Keep. It comes already wrapped in a majestic embossed box and tastes as good as it looks.
RRP $200

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Masters Keep Decades - for the connoisseurs of all things Bourbon. Look out for this limited edition beauty at your nearest Vintage Cellars, Dan Murphy’s Online, First Choice Liquor Online and select Independent Retailers while Christmas shopping. RRP $200

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Be thankful for this Old Fashioned that’s as bold as it is old.

45ml Russell’s Reserve 10 Year Old Bourbon
1 part Simple Syrup
1-3 dashes Aromatic Bitters
Lemon peel & cherry for garnish

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Rich butterscotch, dried fruit, chocolate and the kicker, smokey deliciousness. All intricate flavours that have been decades in the making for the second release in the Masters Keep series.

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Summer camping trips with the lads are essential. Even more essential is packing Wild Turkey 101. Temps drop in the wilderness overnight so have a nip of Turkey on hand to warm up.

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RTD means: Real Tasting Drink
Don’t compromise your bourbon with ‘lolly water’. Try a Real Tasting Drink - Authentic bourbon with refreshing dry ginger ale makes a Refreshing Turkey Dry.
RTD means: Reveal The Drink
It’s time to Reveal The Drink. Introducing: Refreshing Turkey Dry.
Same refreshing Dry Ginger Ale & Kentucky Bourbon flavour, fancy new packaging
#Refreshing #TurkeyDry #WildTurkey
It’s important to share. This goes for feelings and bourbon. Statistically speaking, men with good mates live longer so cheers over that tonight.

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