Pssst! Who is monitoring whom exactly in this photo?

Photo Credit: Our partners at Spectacled Bear Conservation Society Peru
Remember Socks, the matriarch of a group of painted dogs that our partners at Painted Dog Conservation have been monitoring and tracking? After a long, intense search, the PDC team finally found her by tracking the alpha male Browny (who was successfully collared a few weeks ago). In no time, the team was able to put a protective collar on her, check her vitals, and collect DNA samples. To...
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The saiga antelope has evolved to be perfectly adapted to its life in the steppe and semi-arid desert of Central Asia and Russia. It is a relic of Ice Age fauna that included mammoths and saber-tooth cats. The saiga lives in some of the harshest land in the world and migrates long distances between summer and winter lands.
For more information on saiga and the work of our partners at Saiga...
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Big cats like lions, tigers, and cheetahs have long dominated the spotlight thanks to their size, power, charisma, and grace. But there are other felines that while smaller in size are just as charismatic, the small wildcats. There are more than 30 species of wild cats and they can be found across a variety of habitats, from the Sahara deserts to the Siberian forests. Here’s a look at some of...
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Ten Amazing Small Wild Cats
There's just one week left of the Titi Post Campaign from our partners at Proyecto Titi! This brilliant project uses recycled plastic to create long lasting fence posts in Colombia. By making the posts this way, trash is repurposed and locals don't have to keep cutting down the trees that the cotton-top tamarins need to live in. Check out the link for more info!
Our partners at Niassa Lion Project work hard and play hard. It's been a tough year but that doesn't stop them from being able to kick back, have fun, and celebrate their many accomplishments.
Help us welcome our new allies in the travel trade industry in our fight to stop wildlife trafficking! #BuyInformed
Here's another example of the amazing agility of the Spectacled bear from our partners at Spectacled Bear Conservation Society Peru. While this footage may make your heart skip a beat, the behavior is perfectly natural for the bears. Their long claws make them well equipped for the job and they can often be spotted climbing down steep cliffs to reach snails, a delicious part of their diet!
A great shot from our partners at Grevy's Zebra Trust!
Grevy's Zebras. Photo credit: Mia Collis / Grevy's Zebra Trust
Say hello to the Fiordland crested penguin, a unique species of crested penguins endemic to the dense temperate forests of New Zealand. Fiordland penguins breed along the shores of Southwestland, Fiordland and Stewart Island/Rakiura and its outlying islands.They are listed as threatened due to their small population numbers, estimated to be between 2,500-3,000 pairs. Our partners at GLOBAL...
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The okapi, or forest giraffe, is a flagship species of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Protecting them and their forest habitat is no easy task, it requires hard work from outstanding conservationists in a variety of roles. In this inspiring video, you'll get a glimpse into the life of our partners at the Okapi Conservation Project, who are on the front lines of conservation.

Okapi Conservation Project: On the Front Line of Conservation in DR Congo
A stunning Grevy's Zebra foal shared by our partners at Grevy's Zebra Trust in Kenya. What a beauty! To learn more about this long-legged, graceful species - where they live, how many of them are left, and why we need to protect them, visit: [ Link ]

Photo credit: James Warwick
Thank you, Ivory Ella for supporting our partners at Ewaso Lions through this creative campaign! These limited edition t-shirts are available now at Satisfy your passion for fashion, philanthropy, and lions with one click. #savethelions
The highly agile spectacled bear has no trouble making itself comfortable in the tallest trees of their Andean home. A relatively solitary animal, they'll make their retreat to the treetops to avoid other wildlife and humans. Once there, the bears make a platform and can wait days for fruit to ripen, store food, or just rest. Not only that, their jaws and teeth are adapted to rip the park off...
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Ethiopian wolves live in cohesive social family packs that communally share and defend an exclusive territory. During breeding season, when pups and nursing females use a den, all pack members guard the den, chase potential predators, and regurgitate or carry rodent prey to feed the pups. Subordinate females may assist the dominant female in suckling the pups. To learn more about this...
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Our partners at Saiga Conservation Alliance received reports that over 500 Mongolian Saigas died tragically due to a disease outbreak in recent weeks. With the Mongolian subspecies numbers at only around 12,000 individuals (according to the 2016 population census), the outbreak is extremely worrying. Initial reports suggest that the cause is Peste-des-petits-ruminants, a viral disease that has...
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Tragic saiga deaths in Mongolia | Saiga Conservation Alliance
Orangutans are now one step closer to extinction. Based on an assessment led by, scientists from the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species have officially downgraded the status of the orangutans living in Borneo to “Critically Endangered." But this doesn’t necessarily mean that the species is going to go extinct anytime soon. Marc Ancrenaz from HUTAN-Kinabatangan Orangutan...
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Bornean Orangutans Are Now Officially Critically Endangered
Our partners at Niassa Lion Project may have lion in their name but they come across wildlife of all kinds in northern Mozambique. An African civet was spotted in this recent camera trap photo. Civets each have their own unique stripes and spots on their coat, making them easily identifiable like a human finger print.
What would you do if you were sandwiched between two fighting bulls? Our partners at Save the Elephants shared this great video of Iain Douglas-Hamilton caught in the midst of Big Matt and Young Edison. Does he make it out unscathed, or does he not? Watch the video and find out!