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Andean cat- Photo credit Juan Reppucci
"On March 11th, local residents from the town of Patacamaya, situated in the Laz Paz Department in Bolivia, found a stray feline in the middle of a community soccer field. The cat was double the size of a house cat with unique markings. Suspecting that it was some kind of a wildcat, the group managed to trap it into a bird cage before handing it over to local authorities." Read Jacobo's full...
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Jacobo’s Road Home

Be sure to check out some great footage of saiga antelope on this Sunday's episode of #PlanetEarthII 'Grasslands.'

The bizarre beast with an air-conditioning nose

Painted dogs are intensely social animals that live in packs as small as a pair or as large as 30 dogs, though a minimum of six dogs are necessary to successfully hunt and breed. The female has a litter of 2 to 20 pups, which are cared for by the entire pack. Pack allegiance, such as pups getting first feed at a kill or members caring for the sick and injured, is an integral part of pack...
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Every 15 minutes, an elephant is killed for its ivory. If demand for these products doesn’t end soon, it won’t be long before elephants are completely gone from the wild.

When you shop this holiday season, make sure you #BuyInformed and go #Wildforlife!

Learn more: [ Uswta.org Link ]
African wild dogs a.k.a painted dogs. Photo credit: Steve Mandel
Our partners at Niassa Lion Project have been busy replacing collars and collaring new lions before the rainy season starts in the enormous Niassa National Reserve. Three year old Fandango has been spending even more time away from his pride and is likely to go off by himself or with his brothers so the decision was made to collar him now. The information from this collar will help answer many...
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During winter, saiga antelopes' fur thickens to adapt to the harsh weather conditions of their native habitat, the steppe and semi-arid deserts of Central Asia and Russia. Their coat, which is normally cinnamon-colored during the summer, turns thick and white, keeping them warm and toasty.

Photo by Andrey Gilev (Interesting fact shared by our partners at Saiga Conservation Alliance)
"Today's post is about my work with the cotton-top tamarins and Proyecto Titi in Colombia. This is an awesome conservation and research project led by some very dedicated and passionate tamarin lovers." - Suzi Eszterhas, wildlife photographer. Read more about Suzi's adventures in Columbia photographing cotton-top tamarins: [ Bit.ly Link ]
"But amongst all of the animals and majestic surroundings, the painted wolves stand out. They are the most impressive animals in the bush. They work as a family, they hunt as a team and they look after their young and their wounded. They are remarkably efficient hunters..." - Richard Branson (regarding painted dogs)

Life and death with painted wolves

Snow leopard fans, did you know that like the cheetah and the puma, snow leopards too cannot roar? Instead, they communicate with each other through unique puffing sounds calling "chuffing." Our partners at Snow Leopard Conservancy dedicate their time and efforts toward protecting these stunning cats so that we can continue to be amazed by their beauty, stealth, intelligence and grace for...
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Updated logo. WCN has the highest rating on both Charity Navigator and GuideStar.
This #GivingTuesday, support a wildlife species (or more) of your choice and help spread the gratitude around. Now more than ever, your giving makes a difference. There are many incredible wildlife conservationists creating a brighter future for the people and wildlife who share this planet. Your support helps them succeed. Please, give today and help us get back a better world tomorrow.
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This Cyber Monday, your shopping decisions are more important than ever.

Demand for products from endangered species is driving many to the brink of extinction. These products are used in fashion, home decor, pseudo-medicine, for collections and by speculators banking on extinction. While you may not buy them, someone you know might. Make wildlife crime personal by using your sphere of...
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Did you know that cotton-top tamarins can produce over 38 different vocalizations? They use these vocalizations to communicate to their family group, defend their territory from neighboring family groups, talk about food, and more. To learn more about these endangered, one-pound monkeys and how our partners at Proyecto Tití (PT) are working to save them, visit: [ Wildnet.org Link ]

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"Not many associate wolves with Africa, but it is believed that at the end of the last ice age, roughly 10,000 years ago, relatives of the grey wolf migrated here from warming European climes. Today they roam the cold highlands of Ethiopia, primarily the Bale Mountains and other smaller pockets of alpine terrain. Their combined population is now less than 500, making the Ethiopian wolf the...
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African wild dogs a.k.a painted dogs. Photo credit: Steve Mandel
Gift your loved ones with gorgeous, wildlife inspired apparel from Animalia Collective this #BlackFriday. For every item sold today through November 25th, Animalia Collective will donate $10 to WCN. For over 100 items sold this week, they will retroactively increase the donation value for all sold items! [ Animaliacollective.com Link ]

"Lions and Wolves and Penguins, Oh-Kapi!" WCN tote bag

We would like to wish our wonderful community of supporters and wildlife lovers a very warm and happy Thanksgiving today. Thank you for being wildlife champions, for following our stories on this page, for helping us raise awareness around wildlife conservation, for donating, and for helping us protect wildlife. We couldn't do our work without your support, and we hope you'll continue to stand...
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