Good news: Cycle Adirondacks is back, with more options than ever before. We’re announcing the route at 11 a.m. tomorrow on Facebook Live. Tune in.

LIVE 2017 Route Announcement

Today's presidential inauguration comes at a critical time for wildlife. Beloved species like elephants, gorillas, and cheetahs are in more danger of disappearing now than at any other time in history. We do not yet know what the political future will bring, but one thing is clear: if we are going to save species from extinction, silence is not an option. Now, while the incoming...
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Former Secretary of State James Baker speaks out on behalf of elephants, trumpeting China’s ivory ban: [ Link ]

Elephants trumpet ivory ban: James Baker
WCS Peru’s instagram feed ([ Link ] is a treasure trove of beautiful wildlife images. Follow them for more pics of Peru’s amazing animals.
Jonathan Slaght provides an update on the only truly wild horses left in the world. #WCSWildView. [ Link ]
Valentine’s Day is approaching. Whether that makes you cry out with joy, or flat out cry, #NameARoach is here to help. For $10 name a Bronx Zoo cockroach after your sweetie, or cement an ex’s place in history. Happy naming! [ Link ]

Name a Roach
Rangers in India’s Bhadra Reserve recently arrested some well-heeled poachers who had illegally killed two sambar deer (an important prey species for tigers). The culprits included software engineers, environmental consultants, wealthy coffee planters, and a leading member of the Rifle Association of Karnataka State. Affluent poachers could represent an emerging threat to India’s wildlife.
New year, new you, new race, and it’s for a great cause. Run for the Wild, presented by Con Edison, is back at the Bronx Zoo. Saturday, April 29, join us for our annual 5K run/walk for the animal of your choosing. Ready, set, register!

WCS Run for the Wild

Last chance! We’re close to our goal of helping rangers protect wild Amur tigers. Please pledge by midnight tonight and help us help purchase two more generators used by anti-poaching teams as they face a long winter protecting Amur tigers in the Russian Far East. [ Link ]

Save Wild Tigers Today!
When we launched the Elephant Origami Challenge in the summer of 2016, we hoped it would strike a chord. We had no idea. 50 states. 40 countries. A new world record. A look back, in gratitude: [ Link ]
Is your camera trap snapping the best candid pics of animals? It’s time to share your favorite “species selfies” with #wcswildview. [ Link ]
Nigeria's Ekuri community has protected one of Nigeria’s last rainforests for generations. Now that forest is in danger. We spoke with Martins Egot of the Ekuri Initiative about the proposed six-lane superhighway that could threaten communities and wildlife. [ Link ]

A Threat to the Community
There are only about 500 Amur tigers left in the Russian Far East - and they need your help. [ Link ]

Save Wild Tigers Today!
China’s ivory market is closing and it’s a big win in the fight to save elephants. "Addressing the demand is absolutely essential if we are going to deal with the poaching issues," says WCS’s John Robinson. [ Link ]

China Says It Will Shut Down Its Ivory Trade in 2017
Wishing you a happy new year the best way we know how: a swarm of baby turtles! They even come with good news. Read more: [ Link ]
Hours left! Don’t let 2016 end without taking advantage of our special match. Whatever you can give will have THREE TIMES the impact to protect species from poaching and wildlife trafficking, ensuring a future for elephants, tigers, and the world’s most treasured species. [ Link ]

Match: Your year-end gift to save wildlife TRIPLES
Woah! China just announced it will shut down ivory sales in 2017. That’s huge: traffickers just lost the biggest market for their bloody wares and soon elephants will be a LOT safer. Read more about this elephant “game changer” [ Link ]
Wow, this doesn’t happen often, but we really need to meet our fundraising goal TONIGHT in order to continue our proven scientific strategies to save endangered species. So for today only: If you give $1 today, generous donors will pitch in $2 more! Please help. [ Link ]

Match: Your year-end gift to save wildlife TRIPLES
It’s a very happy new year for elephants! China announced today that it will end its domestic commercial elephant ivory trade in 2017. "This is a game changer for Africa's elephants,” said our Asia Executive Director Aili Kang. [ Link ]

New Year's Resolution
Hundreds of thousands of utterly defenseless animals have been slaughtered for their parts this year. Will you stand up for them? WCS does more to fight wildlife crime than any other organization in the world – chip in to help today. [ Link ]

Match: Your year-end gift to save wildlife DOUBLES