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In a shocking repeat incident, a female #Leopard was forced to abandon its baby in a sugarcane field by the local villagers. Several attempts were made by the Forest Dept. to reunite the lost cub with its mother; however, the leopard failed to return to the site in search for her missing cub.
The 10 week old Leopard cub was rescued and is currently in its new home at the...
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Our latest rescued elephant, Sanjay is making the most of the summer sun while enjoying his mud-bath at the #ElephantConservationandCareCenter.
For those of you who missed an update on how he's adjusting to his new forever home, follow this link; [ Wildlifesos.org Link ]
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The #WildlifeSOS Rapid Response unit rescued a juvenile #Kite from outside a residence in Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi. The bird was severely dehydrated and unable to fly, he is currently undergoing treatment.
If you come across any wild bird in distress in Delhi, please call the Wildlife SOS #Helpline Mobile +91-9871963535.
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The month of February ended on a sad note for the #WildlifeSOS family, as we suffered an unexpected loss in the form of our bear, Herbie. After eleven years in our care, we lost our beloved #SlothBear to a bad case of tuberculosis. Follow the link to learn how this wonderful bear changed our lives; [ Wildlifesos.org Link ]
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We are now one month away from our annual 'Bid to be Wild' auction. The event begins April 24. We are getting lots of wonderful items for this event and are updating our auction page everyday. Check out a preview at

The Gardener of the Forest is donated by Jan Jenkins and is one of the many items we are excited to feature. Who wants to bid on it? Check out her website at

Gardener of the Forest by Jan Jenkins - BiddingForGood Fundraising Auction

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Sweepstakes update: Due to popular demand, we're extending the Mohan pendant sweepstakes! This solid gold pendant features Mohan's likeness on the front with the phrase "Mohan: Majestic and Free" on the back — and it was personally blessed by mighty Mohan himself (see photo). You helped us save him, you helped us pick him for the pendant, and you helped us with the wording — now win the...
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It's time to learn some #FridayFacts about the #BrowAntleredDeer;
1. The Sangai ( Scientific name: Rucervus eldiiis McClelland) an endemic, rare and endangered subspecies of brow-antlered deer is found only in Manipur, India.
2. The brow-antlered deer or the dancing deer is found in its natural habitat only at Keibul Lamjao National Park over the floating biomass in the south eastern part of...
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While our three musketeers, Laxmi, Chanchal & Bijli have this beautiful expanse of land for themselves, we are striving toward giving such space and freedom to many more captive elephants! However, to make this possible, we need to expand our land -- and really need your help to make that possible.
The good news is we only have $60,000 to go before we can get the 'Field of...
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#ThrowbackThursday: Rescued on a cold winter morning from Srinagar in February 2007, 2 month old #Fancy and #Rozy were found abandoned by their mother due to a man-animal conflict situation. The future looked very bleak for the cubs as they were weak, but tremendous efforts from the keepers and veterinarians of #WildlifeSOS ensured they pulled through. Currently residing at the...
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The #WildlifeSOS Rapid Response Team rescued a #CommonSandBoa from outside a residence in Niti bagh, New Delhi. After careful examination, the snake was released back into the wild.
If you come across any wild reptile in distress in Delhi NCR, please call the Wildlife SOS #Helpline Number; +91-9871963535
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We can't get over how our adorable little #SlothBear, Elvis is slurping on his honey log enrichment with so much concentration at the #AgraBearRescueFacility!
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At the #WildlifeSOS‬ #ManikdohLeopardRescueCenter‬, we have more than 30 leopards under our care. These leopards have been rescued from various man-animal conflict situations for eg. Orphaned as cubs, needing to be fostered, entered a village and gotten injured, etc. Our attempt is to nurture these animals till they are fit to be released back into the wild, however when this is not possible...
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Meet Manali!
She's our #BearOfTheMonth. She is one of the most playful bears at the #AgraBearRescueFacility. Catch a glimpse of this spunky bear at play with her friends.
Learn all about her here; [ Wildlifesos.org Link ]
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It's time to play 'Guess the Bum'!
Can you identify which pachyderm posterior features in this picture?
Hint: She was a begging elephant before she was rescued & our most talented padchinh artist.
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QUESTION OF THE WEEK: The sloth bears at Wildlife SOS have a variety of mayhem-inducing options with which to play: hammocks, honey logs, and jungle gyms are but a few. Which do they love the most? Take our survey below and give us your vote or your idea for a new enrichment!

[ Surveymonkey.com Link ]
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Several instances of #Leopards falling into wells have been reported over the last few years in Maharashtra & several others in states like Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka and Assam. Such cases have been increasing in the recent years & the main reason behind this appears to be the lack of proper covers & fencing around these wells.
To know more about our initiative & be a part of the change,...
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Welcome to Wildlife SOS – Uncovered Wells Spell Doom for Leopards in Maharashtra; Sign Our Petition

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Doesn't this smile just take away your #MondayMorningBlues?
Our rescued #SlothBears, Sapna & Sagar sharing a light moment on their favorite hammock at the #BannerghattaBearRescueCenter.
In an hour long operation, an adult female #Jackal was rescued by the #WildlifeSOS Rapid Response Unit from the Akbar Tomb premises. The animal is currently under observation and will soon be released back into the wild.
Read more about the rescue operation covered by the The Times of India here; [ Indiatimes.com Link ]
Would you like to stay updated about our recent rescue stories and projects?
Then listen to Rocky bear & #subscribe to our newsletter here; [ Bit.ly Link ]
We have noticed all of our supporters have many queries about our male elephants in '#Musth' and to answer all of those, here's an FAQ to help you know everything about elephants in musth;
[ Wildlifesos.org Link ]