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#SundayChillin'?! Quite literally!
We caught our rescued #AsiaticBlackBear, Julie making the most of her Sunday digging in the snow at the #DachigamRescueCenter, Kashmir!
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Our #volunteers will give you plenty of reasons!
Hear what some of our volunteers have to say about their experience with #WildlifeSOS; [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Meet Suri, our #BearOfTheMonth!
Rescued by #WildlifeSOS almost 9 years ago from being abused as a 'Dancing Bear', Suri can always be seen enjoying enrichments at the #AgraBearRescueFacility. Follow this link to know more about him; [ Wildlifesos.org Link ]
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SWEEPSTAKES UPDATE: First off, congratulations to Rose M. of Chicago, Illinois, for bringing home last week's sweepstakes prize! Well done, Rose! Secondly, we're pleased to announce that next week's winner will receive a stunning 11 x 17 photographic print, super-high-res and suitable for framing. Professional photographer Rebecca Arnold toured our ECCC facility and took this amazing shot....
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01/20/2017 at 04:30. Facebook
As temperatures take a dip in North India, Team #WildlifeSOS has bundled up their rescued old elephants with snugly blankets to brave the cold!
Read the beautiful coverage by One Green Planet here; [ Onegreenplanet.org Link ]

Rescued Elephants Trade Chains for Cozy Jackets Thanks to Kind People (PHOTOS)

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01/19/2017 at 23:39. Facebook
This year is going to be our best auction ever! We are getting some wonderful items donated by some very generous people! If you have something you would like to donate for our event, please email us at auction@wildlifesos.org.
This signed flying elephant print is being donated by Sarah Khoury. Who is going to bid on it? :)
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01/19/2017 at 15:00. Facebook
#ThrowbackThursday #TBT: Bhola was rescued by #WildlifeSOS in November 2010 after surviving a harrowing truck accident. It took us several months to help him recover and start interacting with other elephants. His deformed back, lost eyesight and gaunt appearance are a proof of the harsh handling and neglect that Bhola had endured as a begging elephant. Because of his traumatic past, he has...
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Chotu bear at the #AgraBearRescueFacility seems a little 'hungover'.
Won't you agree? ;)
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01/18/2017 at 21:45. Facebook
Land fund update: Just $91,000 to go in order to be able to acquire the land we refer to as the elephant 'Field of Dreams.' Do you know anybody who can help? We are getting closer every hour to making the Field of Dreams a reality! :) [ Bit.ly Link ]

Thank you!
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โ€œMaybe itโ€™s animalness that will make the world right again: the wisdom of elephants, the enthusiasm of canines, the grace of snakes, the mildness of anteaters. Perhaps being human needs some diluting.โ€ โ€• Carol Emshwiller
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In the past few days, Team #WildlifeSOS has received & attended to multiple rescue calls for birds caught in manjha. The dangerous glassโ€“coated manjha of flying #Kites can easily cut through the soft flesh of these birds and frequently the wings and limbs are badly injured.
Read the entire coverage on this issue by The Hindu here; [ Thehindu.com Link ]

Despite ban, Chinese manjha still a threat

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01/18/2017 at 00:18. Facebook
LAND FUND UPDATE: Thanks to our amazing supporters, we're incredibly close to our January fundraising goal to procure the Field of Dreams land -- and start bringing elephants like Priyanka to a beautiful life there. As of this hour, we're officially under $100,000, with only $98,000 to go! Can you please help get us cross the finish line and acquire this land? Thank you so much!
[ Bit.ly Link...
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01/17/2017 at 16:16. Facebook
We caught our chirpy little pachyderm, Peanut supporting a pretty 'leafy' headgear while Lakhi standing next to her is busy munching her favorite greens at the #ElephantConservationandCareCenter, Mathura!
P.S: The elephant you can see in the background is Coco aka. Coconut scratching herself against a tree.
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01/17/2017 at 10:30. Facebook
The #WildlifeSOS Rapid Response Team rescued a #Nilgai fawn from Shankar Vihar in Delhi. The fawn had strayed into the residential area and had injured itself trying to jump a wall. The animal is currently under treatment & will be released back into its natural habitat after recovery.
If you come across any wild animal in distress in Delhi NCR, please call the Wildlife SOS #Helpline Number:...
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01/17/2017 at 06:35. Facebook
Meet Gul!
Almost 17 years old, she is one of the most popular leopards at the #ManikdohLeopardRescueCentre in Maharashtra. Gul was rescued in 2003, after her desperate search for food led her to stray into a landscape overpopulated with hostile humans.
This spotted cat is most active in the early hours of the morning and she begins her day by climbing on to platforms and stretching herself.
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Do you want us to post more elephant videos? Would you like to see more Wildlife SOS webinars? Should we run more sanctuary animal profiles? We really want your feedback. Please take our super-fast survey and tell us what youโ€™d like to see in 2017!

[ Surveymonkey.com Link ]

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Sweepstakes update! Win a phone call from a WSOS founder! That's right -- enter the sweepstakes link below and you could get a ring-up from Kartick Satyanarayan or Geeta Seshamani. You can rap about anything -- Suraj, Rose bear, Peanut, our plans for 2017, you name it. Just sign in below and cross your fingers! :)

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Another case of #MondayBlues or weekend hangover?
Julfi bear just can't seem to move a muscle at the #AgraBearRescueFacility!
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01/16/2017 at 06:45. Facebook
A #CommonSandBoa was rescued by the #WildlifeSOS Rapid Response Team from a residential colony in CDR Chowk, Delhi. After careful examination, the snake was released back into the wild.
If you come across any wild reptile in distress in Delhi NCR, please call the Wildlife SOS #Helpline Number; +91-9871963535
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01/15/2017 at 15:00. Facebook
It's #SneakySunday and our rescued pachyderm can teach you a thing or two on how to go about it!

We love this capture of Mohan's trunk sneaking into his keeper's zipper pouch (where he stores all the treats)! Looks like we've got an elephant who observes and learns quickly as to where his treats are coming from at the #ElephantConservationandCareCenter!