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At Wildlife Safari, our animals have regular training sessions to keep their minds active and give keepers the chance to check their physical health.

Training for Healthy Bodies and Minds

Wildlife Safari
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Watusi are a type of longhorn cattle that are originally native to Africa. They display very long horns used primarily for defense that can reach up to 8 ft (from tip to tip). These horns may look heavy, but they are not as dense as they appear. They are made up of honeycombs of blood vessels that not only reduce the weight of their large horns, but can also help cool them off.
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There's no denying it. All cats love boxes.
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What's That Wednesday? It's our Cub Club this Saturday called Animal Amore!

1:00-3:00 pm
4-7 year olds
$15/members, $20/non-members
1 person interested · 1 person going

Cub Club: Animal Amore

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Pancake & Dayo Book Signing!

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Who wore it best? Our animals love a good party hat!
LEFT: Male Sika deer, found in our Asia section.
RIGHT: Female bison, found in our Americas section.
The bears are out!!

They may be bit sleepy still but now you can come see our brown bears out in the bear drive thru!
#TinyKhayam is learning ambassadorship from the best! Want to take your very own #TinyKhayam home? Today is your last chance to be entered to win by leaving a review of Wildlife Safari on Facebook and sharing your favorite memory! Don't miss out!
#TinyKhayam has been busy helping to build the new cheetah lure system which will be up and running soon! The new cheetah lure will be one of only two options on the west coast to see cheetahs run at their full speed! Want your very own #TinyKhayam? Don't forget to rate us on Facebook and let us know your favorite memory of the park for your chance to win!
Collect some beads, listen to some great music, have a brew and help a good cause too!

Backside Brewing Co. will be hosting a Mardi Gras party to raise funds for Wildlife Safari's Gator House Expansion Project! Come by the brewery at 6pm to meet one of Safari's cheetah ambassidors and enjoy live music from Baron Ward at 7pm. See you at the brewery!

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#TinyKhayam never rests in making sure the park is in tip top shape! Here we see him preparing the morning coffee for the horticultural team! Want to win your very own horticulture specialist #TinyKhayam? Leave your review by clicking on "reviews" and share your favorite memory of Wildlife Safari's Horticultural Wonderland!
#TinyKhayam is going to need a little more training before trying to wrangle the coatis again! Don't forget to leave a Facebook review and your favorite memory of the park to win your own #TinyKhayam! Then swing by the gift shop for this one of a kind coati painted valentine! How many feet prints do you see!?
Want a chance to win your very own #TinyKhayam!? Click on Reviews, rate us, and let us know about your favorite visit and you could take your very own Ambassador Cheetah home!
Did you know?? February 15th is World Hippo Day!!

Hippos are considered vulnerable in the wild, where in recent years we have seen a 20% decrease in their population size across Africa. There are two types of hippos, the Common Hippopotamus, and the Pygmy Hippo. Here at Wildlife Safari we have two male Common Hippos, Blippo (34) and Padron (16).

Common Hippos are the 3rd largest land mammal...
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The weather's warming up, which means our bears may decide to wake up pretty soon. If you've ever wondered what it's like for brown bears to go through hibernation, you've still got a chance to join us for a hibernating bear encounter! We don't know exactly when they will decide that it's time to go outside so come check them out soon before it's too late!
IT'S FRIDAY! We are ready for the weekend! Come on out to the park from 10am-4pm Saturday & Sunday and get FREE drive thru admission for all kids under 18 with a donation of a new or gently used book! All books collected will be distributed around Douglas County as a part of Celebration of Literacy.

Looking for more to do? Check out Story Time at Wildlife Safari on Saturday in our theater!...
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Wild About Reading Book Drive!

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