This weekend we had a unique opportunity to discuss our policy paper on reforms in the #EU with national and European policy makers. ????????

Debates led by our #BullsEye team with Bronisław Komorowski, Marek Belka, Michał Boni, Esteban González Pons, Jan Olbrycht, Dariusz Rosati, Tomi Huhtanen, Christian Kremer, Cezary Tomczyk, Neil Carmichael, Poseł Michał Szczerba, Borys Budka, Ivan...
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The 2010s are becoming a decade of geopolitical paradoxes, even tectonic shifts. Donald Trump’s electoral victory may create a new and outrageous alliance between the US and Russia at the expense of the EU. And Trump may take the US out of the global agreements that Obama government promoted to make...

Britain is leaving its own creation, the single market | Martens Centre
Good day from Washington. This was a week of great expectations!
Do you know how the Dalai Lama called former European Parliament President Hans-Gert Pöttering? Find out in our latest "I say Europe, you say...?" interview:

I say Europe, you say…? Interview with Hans Gert Pöttering | Martens Centre
Let's look at what is to come during the #iMEurope: A Roadmap for the European Union // Policy Days. See you in Warsaw this weekend!

???? Marek Belka, former Prime Minister and former President of the National Bank of Poland

✌Bronisław Komorowski, former President of the Republic of Poland

???????? Marek Prawda, Head of Komisja Europejska w Polsce and Grzegorz Schetyna, Chairman of the...
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This Valentine, show your love for democracy by taking part in our ideas contest! And because we know love does take time and effort, we have even decided to extend our deadline to March 1st! So go ahead, share the love: [ Link ]
Don't forget to send us your proposals and win a trip to Brussels to discuss them with us: [ Link ]
Happy 25th, European Union! #MaastrichtTreaty #PartOfSomethingBigger
Did you miss any episode of the Brexit saga? Want to know more about the who, the when and the how? Leave us a comment with your question and our expert will answer it in our next #Brexitometer!
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"Currently, school systems are ignoring or suppressing what makes us human":

The end of work? It just isn’t in our human nature | Martens Centre
#FOOD4THOUGHT SERIES | Good or Bad Neighbours: Europe's Main Security Challenge