#Food4Thought Series: Transatlantic Relations in the Era of President Trump
So happy to see our Italian, French, German, Belgian and Dutch foundations and partners come together for this event celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome:
Read our newest policy brief on the topic here: [ Wmces.eu Link ]
Thanks to Žiga Turk, Slovenian former Minister of Education for sharing his expertise as part of our #UkraineReforms project:
A new visit of our #UkraineReforms project kicks off in Kyiv right now with a public discussion on extending university autonomy in Ukraine. Welcoming Žiga Turk, former Slovenian Minister of Education and Professor at the University of Ljubljana:

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Are you a recent graduate passionate about the EU?Communication savvy? Then come transform your potential into experience with us:

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This was a week of sound defeats.
"If his intended constitutional reform goes through in April, Turkey will differ very little from Putin’s Russia":

Erdogan: an EU security risk? | Martens Centre

Is a “No trade deal” Brexit an actual option? In case of a new Scottish referendum, could Westminster block it? How will the UK markets react when the Brexit article is triggered later this month?

Our Brexit expert has all the answers in our latest #Brexitometer episode!
This was a week of silly statements.
"Europe lacks a statesman [...] who would sell to Europeans the dream of making Europe – not great again – just making Europe":

The sixth scenario and Juncker’s white paper | Martens Centre

Did you miss any episode of the Brexit saga? Want to know more about the who, the when and the how? Leave us a comment with your question and our expert will answer it in our next #Brexitometer!
Happy International Women's Day and a big thanks to all our female speakers shaping the European debate!